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OG Hallzerk
Nordavinds awper he is better than ottond
solek koasta Sixer Ocean Legija
This guy is insane btw
Pronax > Daps (in terms of skill)
pronax did not need to get kills over 12 because of flusha jw krimz and olof but he is the most clever guy on cs history. He has found %90 of tricks especially on overpass train mirage and d2
Demise vs Japaleno
but the others are trash especially beyaz
Turks = Arab
dude he is just crying when u are saying the true
Turks = Arab
haha racism and me its funny this topic is just for racist so cry is free for u
Turks = Arab
u are just talking about Turkey :) but the others oh shit here we again :) u are just a slav cum and russia will fuck u ı hope its gonna happen like those racists. upps sry its not fair, ukrania is lo...
Turks = Arab
turks: From Turkey Azerbaijan north Iran Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan is it enough? U are right because u are just a normal slav cum :) upps sry its just for +18 so its fo...
Sex or Meat?
Sex when I am drunk shit
How old is your country?
Yeah its one of the part of mongolia
I miss Space Soldiers
Just imorr is close Ss level beyaz is pure of trash mini too +Calyx and +Majer can be impressive
I miss Space Soldiers
Visa issues fucked us btw Dreamhack Marsellie, Major faceit london and Dallas Finals
sg553 meta.... please end it valve
dupreeh is just playing with sg and still crying thats quite funny
Oskar>w0xic Sunny>Frozen Chris:Chris Styko>Karrigan ropz:ropz so thats for sure old mouz was better