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My Valorant Opinion (long)
did u ever play on 128 tick rate? The difference between 64 and 128 is huge for me, 128 tick rate seems to be very smooth, awping is just a pleasure, your movements are smooth and clear, just a satisf...
Best of 15
don't be mad)
insane Na'Vi
The important thing here is the relation of players with each other. The team's spirit is predominantly the key factor in team's success. If navi players don't have conflicts inside the team, if ever...
FaZe's teamplay
I understand your point, I also think that they need good igl and give niko relief from pressure. Niko's firepower can carry the team if not that igl role where he has to take so much responsibility.
FaZe's teamplay
confidence is a key for a victory in most cases, imho it is not an exception because faze has a very good roster, they need to win some events as a team. When you lose many times and you're not confid...
FaZe's teamplay
once they've got beaten by big they've lost confidence against them)
Team Liquid never had an era
they were really good in astralis era, tbh they were the only team who could beat astralis 2-0, imho in 2018-2019 they were in a very good form)
electronic (rifle) simple (awp) aleksib (igl) NiKo (rifle) ropz (rifle)
>> REAL Ranking <<
sorry but this is poor top)
Vitality top 1 ?
Right now any team in top 4 can outplay one another so I can't say solid no.1 team
insane Na'Vi
good but imho navi has everything right now, young players with good skills, good coach, good facilities, good salaries, good fun base. All they need is to play more and be confident)
Spirit vs Navi
nt) they may be exhausted after comeback against vp so hard to say 2-0 for spirit
Spirit vs Navi
Top 20 2020
some guys in your list don't have even 1 good event so you are biased. We didn't have so many big events to assess players seriously, by now only few guys in your list deserve their positions, it is t...
Top 20 2020
device and elige imho biased they didn't show up by now I think they don't deserve <10 positions. I don't say they play bad but they didn't show themselves to prove being in top 10. You have to put xa...