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ViCi vs Invictus
russkies carries IG so hard
ViCi vs Invictus
insane shit from vadim
mousesports vs m1x
buttclench is real
mousesports vs m1x
just watch mouz lose to pistols at 15-14 or 15-13
mousesports vs m1x
lose both pistols jump for no reason in clutch situation absense of aim from frozen and woxic gg i'm done
mousesports vs m1x
ez throw tudsoN killed woxic with ak47 woxic planted the bomb (1on3) anarkez killed frozen with ssg08 (headshot) anarkez killed karrigan with ssg08 (headshot) woxic killed sinnopsyy with awp anarkez k...
TYLOO vs Invictus
koshak kqly https://clips.twitch.tv/TalentedSavagePorpoiseOSsloth
mousesports vs m1x
hard 4 mouz if Juangod and rigoN steps up
[18+]Russian girls attempt to interrupt Counter-Strike tournament (NSFW)
https://vk.com/video-19381493_149130379 look at Hooch face :D
Astralis vs Aristocracy
[18+]Russian girls attempt to interrupt Counter-Strike tournament (NSFW)
full album https://imgur.com/gallery/EfAgT that last photo lmao
Heroic vs Sprout
words cannot describe Round over - Winner: CT (14 - 14) - Bomb defused stavn defused the bomb stavn + b0RUP (assist) killed syrsoN with awp stavn killed Spiidi with awp (headshot) stavn killed denis ...
Heroic vs Sprout
imagine losing 4vs1 vs BOT DENIS Round over - Winner: T (13 - 9) - Enemy eliminated denis killed cadiaN with ak47 (headshot) denis killed Snappi with ak47 (headshot) denis killed stavn with ak47 (head...
Riot Squad vs The Quest
spongey on lan :D
Complexity vs The Quest
i'm fucking broke thanks col faggots