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You are probably wondering what I think of this. Well, I was expecting this - it had to happen someday and it happened. Am I frustrated? No. Too many good people were banned as well, I am not alone. There are lots of us. Thanks to "moderation". I got banned for "throwing eggs to LGBTq+ fans" in online. Cancelling from Jhonathan E at his best!


Cya in hell all >3
I ain't gonna make any kind of alt accs so any person who seems similiar to me is not actually me

HLTV was my house. Too many great banter, great users, great debates. But this is over. As I said above I don't intend to make any kind of alt accs. Thank you to everybody >3 and sorry to whom I was really bad

RE: Ban inquiry
'Throwing eggs' at someone just because of their sexual condition does sound quite offensive, doesn't it?

SpainJonathan E.

You have been banned from posting on the forums until: 2021-07-25 due to this comment. To further inquire about your ban, click here.
lgbtq ppl???? HAHHAHAHAHAHAA. I am the one who will throw eggs to them if they ever come to my country. Thank god russians are smart (as I mentioned before) and absolute majority of Russia dont support this kind of extremist movements. What about Navalniy? Agreed totally, as I said this is dictatorship, but hopefully, not the worst one

users I respect:

poland >3 - this thread blew up community and then the guy made a video using my clips

personal motivation to learn something - this will not age well.

Do I like Ukrainians? Yes, there are lots of good ukrainians, for example me. I am 20% ukrainian. To see my views on Ukrainian situation you need to check this thread and list down. THere was an argue with the ukrainian bot - "Volod1mir" who could not find any useful arguments against me and lost me debate - all the voters of Yanukovich by Ukrainian regions. Guess what? He was supported mainly from east part of Ukraine. You know why? Because there are russians

very good thread. Hope it won't get 404'd
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