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Luminosity vs MIBR
not a good day for CACA teams...0-3 today....least one caca team here will win....
HellRaisers vs Luminosity
another brazilian CACA team loses...ajajaja
mousesports vs MIBR
lol mibr as usual lose....why is fer's nose so fricking big...does he have nasal cancer or gross as hell to look at
North vs Liquid
brasil casters basically focus on brasil teams...that and their voices are the worst....sounds like 2 women arguing over nothing...horrible language...
HellRaisers vs Luminosity
they fail because their not as good as people think...overrated...not hard to understand...
Ascent vs New Identity
they lost and the transgender rage quit the team and may never play anytime soon....
Solve London Knife Problem
london is 3rd world thanks to mayor khan...people of london elected him so enjoy....
The Quest vs Variance
spongey looks like a tard with that justin beiber comb over and them fat chipmunk cheeks holding some nutz....bro its 2019 man up and get a real hair look ghey AF...
Ascent vs New Identity
looks like the transgender couldnt pull it out....
Ascent vs New Identity
can the transgender kenny pull it out...the match i mean...
FURIA vs GamerLegion
LMAO what have i been saying...this shat team chokes like a lady of the night...every time....lets hope this trash is knocked out of the top 10...ajajajjajaja
im brazilian boy AMA
living high on the hog are we...yet you still live in a 3rd-4th world country...makes all the sense in the world to so jelly....
im brazilian boy AMA
P.S. its not ur fault you live in a 3rd-4th world were just dealt a crappy glad to see you embrace it...
im brazilian boy AMA
let me know when you make more than $60,000+ a year gordo and have a 4,000+ sq foot must live with ur and all 15 of ur nieces and nephews and cousins...
migrants flooding in has to do with less and less young people gordo...who wants to reproduce when there is so much crime...disease and filth....and people leaving their home countries....