You have been banned from posting on the forums until: 2030-04-03

I got banned for 10 years for calling someone an 'Idiot go kys' who was disrespecting goat gla1ve by posting inappropriate comments.

I know the ban reason doesn't make any sense because the real reason is that now ASTRALIS are #1 team with #2 player in the world. Everyone including most HLTV Staff are jealous of them and their fans because they realize that their favorite teams and players will never be #1. Thats why they are slowly banning all ASTRALIS and gla1ve fans. I might be banned permanently but don't you guys for one single moment think about stop supporting ASTRALIS, because this is exactly what they want. No matter what happens always support ASTRALIS and gla1ve.



I don't hate either s1mple or navi.
But I hate everyone that refuses to accept straight facts and are delusional S1mple D riders.
There are only 2 contenders fighting for #1 this year.
S1mple and Zywoo.
S1mple was #1 and was going to be #1 this year but idk something happened.
NAVI just disappeared after katowice.
I thought this navi version would definitely be top 1-3 and could easily win major but right now they are struggling to even beat tier 99 dogshit garbage CIS teams.
Everytime Electronic bails them out but he can't carry/win entire series on his own.
S1mple lost his S1mple "BEST IN THE WORLD" charm and doesn't look flashy or should I say GODLIKE STYLE.
Everyteam just ignores/avoids S1mple as it is the easiest way to win vs navi.
Just get s1mple to remain alive in shit situations or when economy is shit so he can't even go for his flashy plays which btw he won like 9/11 times.
On the other hand vitality was dogshit this year but as soon as Apex became IGL, Vitality is getting better day by day.
RPK,SHOX,MISUTAA all sometimes but consistently carry vitality or win crucial cluthes and get essential 2/3k.
When this sort of stuff happens then Zywoo automatically feels no pressure and remains calm and just smurfs on other teams.
At this rate Zywoo will get miles ahead of s1mple and we all know how hltv works.
ZYWOO TOP 1 2020
S1MPLE TOP 2 2020
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