Stopped playing the game long time, only follow the pro circuit
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Teses top 20?
No one deserves a spot in this online Era, scrap the top 20 rankings!
Not replying anymore, I think he got banned already for being racist and xenophobe
Evil Geniuses vs OG
Best GPU for ~200 dollars?
1650 Super. Box packed , better than rx 570 , neck in neck with 580 , GDDR6 architecture. Best 1080p card in the market atm. i am eyeing one myself
Bad thing about BLAST
stop crying about everything dude , my eyes started bleeding after seeing the same hud on ESL tournys again and again.
vitality coach about nivera
Interesting Queue Vitality vs Astralis where Astralis switches Dupreeh for Bubzkji on Train and Vitality switches Misutta for Nivera on Dust. Now we will see the whole high IQ brain moves with 6th me...
what ?? did you know that ?
Wtf Name doesn't check out.
What do pros say to each other?
An organization is only concerned with results, they don't give a shit about what might be causing the unsatisfactory results, they have teams and people in different esports departments who monitor t...
What do pros say to each other?
In a professional environment, the orgs as well as players sit and talk through things. The organization lays their plan to them and makes them understand why they wanna go with a certain decision and...
Dream team
Both Valde and Niko did out of necessity, none is a true IGL
Dream team
You must be a fan of Allu considering the amount of firepower and lack of brain in the team.
Mate they played 2 BO3s and 1 BO5 in last 2 days against 3 top teams which were contested, you really think they would be giving a shit about such an event?
Online CS
Thing is playing CS online is actually an option where the competition can continue without being physically present at a same place, same can't be said about traditional sports. Its not like Football...
Faze olof ultimate proof
Well #42 does have a point, Smooya happens to be in my Steam friend list as well.
Faze olof ultimate proof
those are semi finals badges , i believe?