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Eid Mubarak
too much eating or too much drinking doesnt really help you fast tbh . Its not like humans are Camels so that they would be able to store water in them after drinking once for a number of days or some...
-rain+ROPZ ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!
well Ropz is hella more consistent than Rain but the change makes zero sense.
horrible casters
HEN1 - Alligator is biting
nutty flicks , never saw him this insane before.
Top 3 Fragging IGLs
Karrigan and Golden are the worst 2 IGL fraggers in Top 10 m8
Top 3 Fragging IGLs
well awpers are supposed to be high fraggers for their team regardless of being IGL or not so that eliminates Fallen or any other sniping IGL
5 bullet mag
Which team has biggest fanbase?
Are Bhai Bhai bhai
Eid Mubarak
Here Eid prayers are generally performed in a very large gatherings in playgrounds or parks rather than at home, thought it might change this time around cause of Corona. But I get what you mean, I ...
Eid Mubarak
Oh I know that feeling of failing takbir every year
Fallen got so mad at him , even TKed him . LULW
he is soo bad man, its painful to watch. maybe the pressure getting up on him , never saw him play before.
I fix any team in one move
JKS and Jkaem do need to be saved but I think 100T is still salvageable. Agree with MiBR. They are too stupid. That TL fix is interesting but +BlameF better.
I fix any team in one move
100T disbanding isn't a real fix imo , they should either try changing their leadership and approach to the game or at least get a better awper. MiBR is so brain dead, disbanding might be the only o...
I fix any team in one move
100T MiBR TL