Stopped playing the game long time, only follow the pro circuit
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End of Astralis?
They will most probably buy some young Danish squad like Tricked or something.
s1mple 3rd MVP
That only happens at Majors, you only need to be a finalist on other events to be MVP eligible.
name checks out
they go to C9 , Astralis buys out Tricked roster
Spirit vs Natus Vincere
Degster gets one awp kill where he should have got two , guy is either too late to react or misses the shot completely sometimes. Do better homie.
Spirit vs Natus Vincere
that was some colossal whiff spray by Simple lmfao
new astralis
aizy - washed gade - washed msl - washed mertz - carry 1 bubzkji - carry 2 top 20 how
Spirit vs Natus Vincere
the game is actually quite still pretty interesting and peaceful with no casters
Astralis Fans Come Here please
arent we all
Hopefully switching to some other org altogether instead of everyone going their own way, I can't think of any other team to support if they all disband.
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
Yea that might be the case
VP on next RMR
Idk man, it feels like every promising or up and coming player from CIS region already is part of some team with an org behind them. Flamie isnt old and guy was mechanically really good and kept showi...
VP on next RMR
Gambit and NaVi were in the First RMR of the season as well, didn't stop VP from reaching the finals of that event, did they?
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
They had player cams, actual anti cheat, brought back Moses and Sadokist only to fuck it all up by the final day scheduling. Starladder screwed up the perfect event that there was.
idk man , i just dont like his casting. Initially i wasnt a fan of both the guys part of the duo but Launders kind of grew on me and now he is still bearable. Scrawny on the other hand, his screeching...