Stopped playing the game long time, only follow the pro circuit.

Edit : going through a very tough time with my father's health atm (around June/July of 2021) and as such don't really feel like spending my time here or anywhere else for that matter so went pretty inactive. Only visit like once or twice these days and rarely read any articles or post let alone commenting something.
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Tyloo will win
DANKING is gonna dunk on everyone
12 hours , 29 minutes to major
Snappi and saw **
Just get the ES or PA roster on payroll and give them time and opportunity, they have the potential.
The Story of 4 Anchors and 1 Baiter
I actually enjoyed reading that, nicely written. I think the way to go from here would be to just go full Danish, only BaitF remains from the original lineup. Keep Esetag with him, get Dupreeh, some ...
No B stream for major?
No way there isn't a second stream for the second concurrent matches, there will be one up and mentioned by the time match starts. You can always watch in GOTV if there is a problem.
pickem question?
You are right, yes. The 3-0 and 0-3 predictions are mostly filler, it's a lot harder to predict them so the safest way to get 5 correct is to put the strongest teams to just go through to the next sta...
pickem question?
What are your other picks
BIG in the challenger stage
They either lose to LDLC or anti strat the shit out of NaVi, really hard to predict them. I do believe and hope that they will make it, Tabsen is here to play. Sadly it's a LAN so Syrson can't hack, ...
Indian Cuisine
I r8 everything
Ah I see, another man of culture. I feel The World's End is rather lacking compared to the two but Hot Fuzz is a perfect film I have ever seen. I am watching Spaced these days and really digging Edga...
I r8 everything
Rate The Cornetto Trilogy.
Zyphon at the major
Help with pîckems
3-0 is just a filler pick anyway, one is always aiming to get as much right from those bottom 7 picks and I believe you got good picks there.