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Yeah but it’s the US, so that’s not saying much...
How U.S. insurance work
oh, the joys of a country without universal health care or gun control. BTW 75 is setting the bar low, the way things are going, that's bordering on retirement age in the near future...
How U.S. insurance work
well you would be right, except, your system is more expensive and your life expectansy is lower. But other than that, your system is great.
How U.S. insurance work
Your system isn't of higher quality it's just more expensive. US is the only developed country (using the term loosely), that doesn't have universal health care. Of course insuranse doesn't work. The ...
Danes come here #12
It's a somewhat formal or "old fashioned" to use lejlighed as occasion. Usally used in writing or by people that posses a more varied vocabulary.
device tatoos
They have been covered for at lest the last three tournaments, so what is your point?
Poland WW2
Jesus, I don't think that there were many countries that had it a rough as Poland during WW2.
Yeah not a lot of wooing from Tarik today
top 5 csgo moments
The clutch ministers Ninja defuse against North
G2 vs Tricked
Love tricked, but they have definitely exceeded my expectations.
They haven’t prepared for three months since they have only recently qualified for the qualifier. They are having a good year with this lineup. They have never ranked this high before, currently holdi...
Favourite caster?
His voice puts me to sleep though, so monotonous...
how tall are you?
Imperial — freeedom? If by freedom you mean archaic then yes XD
HR vs Astralis - ERA over?
Stellar headline😂
Many of the things you have mentioned have been build on the back of the realization, that the oil will eventually run out. And tourism is another way to make money 😉