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Thorin was right
As opposed to old science that was based on religion and presumption...
Astralis vs NiP
sorry don't get what you are saying, atleast 8 hours before is 7 hours more than hour. And so far they haven't done it sooner than one hour before, so I don't get where you get the atleast (mindst) fr...
Sure, just look at the Heroic game ;-)
Astralis vs NiP
So far they have done it about an hour before the match begins...
Xyp9x & Es3tag
Who knew that the hardest thing in the world to understand, would be the concept of a seven man cs roster...
hugo and harry
Second that, had to mute them constantly, Hugo isn’t as bad as Harry. Horrible voice and count himself as being funny. Worst caster ever, stunna said Harry has a voice for radio, more like a voice for...
DUPREEH ?????????
Of course these well mannered mens are offended by the obscene gesture, it detrimental to their delicate sensibilities. It quite obvious they are scared for life by now...
Jesus, grow a pair and stop being offended by a little bird. If a player can't vent a little frustration, without damaging your delicate sensibilities, i recomend you watch something else...
True a nice little provincial NA era
Online CS
The meticulous way Heroic is playing, is hardly what one, you would normally associate with online cs...
Joe rogan speaks truth!
Nothing special, would look good on a bumper sticker or a cereal box...
EU and other come here
Disbelief, horror, amazement, ridicule and sadness. In no particular order.