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Heroic vs OG
watch the map pick exchange, just to remind og lost inferno to botsent
fnatic vs GODSENT
fnatic might upset
FURIA vs Cloud9
I'm actually a rich bitch if c9 get's 2-0 got combo handi -1.5 north and c9
Og put a well fight yesterday against zywoolity on pass, i don't belive it but if map pick exchange i would <3 it
Would be amazing if faze could buyout Lekro from nip and let him igling, could be a top1 potential since he was quite good lately, being on point while igling with nip
i mean inferno, had in mind that mir will be banned and just unwittingly wrote it instead of inf
Godsent to win overpass/train OG to win mirage, +2.5 @1.89 sounds like safe bet also gonna live bet team map picks if odds gonna be good enough edit i mean inferno not mirage i'm sorry
Heroic vs fnatic
Just saying facts, fnatic is so unconsistent meanwhile heroic is doing pretty well this tournament, another 2-0 mark my words, @2.00 on heroic to win that bo3, @2.2 to win nuke
Heroic vs fnatic
Fnatic already with 0-4 start on train, seems like 2-0 for heroic gonna happen
100 Thieves vs Gen.G
Another 0-2 for gen.g
Evil Geniuses vs Gen.G
@2.25 on -1.5 eg is like free money lol
OG vs Vitality
4th ot cmon zywoo end this now
ENCE vs FaZe
yeah smth like that, almost got 8.00 but changed as soon as i bet to 6.50
ENCE vs FaZe
@6.50 d2 for ence btw. ty4money faze fanboys
Sprout vs Nemiga
Pudzian site goes drunk asf, i just got sprout @ 3.65 on 9-4 mirage score LOL