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NBK Aleksib
consider the following: other than the fluke run at katowice (due to single elimination bullshit) ENCE didn't put up decent results with aleksib in the gang either. After katowice the only bo3 they wo...
OG Topics..
LUL at all the excuses, this is what happens when you build a team out of rejects
Surely OG should have won given that they have the best igl in the history of counter-strike At least according to all the fanboys who would literally pay to suck his cock
dosia real goat
ENCE -aleksib
consider the following: ence never deserved top 5 ranking in the first place
That's the joke toilet cleaner
Yes should have kept aleksib in team so they could get more last places in t1 events and lose against top 5 teams like ghost, movistar riders, nip and heroic for example
ENCE... Will they win
well they barely won anything with sexybob either unless you count one joke pro series and tier 2 starseries season 6 on the other hand they managed to lose against heroic, movistar riders, ghost, ni...
ence noobs
bye bye favela see you in next tournament
As a MIBR fan...
LUL @ using "meme team" as an insult when comparing the great enceladus and made in bathroom
ence noobs
yes, that's how even you can afford it mister crybaby
ence noobs
LUL mad plastic fan crying on the forums before the match is even over, nice scene
Drama in pro scene
LUL nice free agents you've got there, aleksib and a bunch of washed up pros and wasted talents
ENCE future???
+1000000 Those plastic fanboys craving for aleksib's cock are laughing at the current ence for struggling against vici but at the same time they seem to have forgotten that ence with aleksib lost nu...
1.12 rating isn't too hard to achieve when you play against literal tier 50 teams