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spirit/gambit are astralis's kryptonite
man i swear when people start saying things like this is when astralis goes crazy and starts winning everything again
Faze in IEM
that furia core has been playing together for forever, they got like what? 1 month KNOWING they would be playing together? worlds apart still better than 2 years old og LOOOL
Make your AWPer tier list
elige na goat
ESL production
on god everything is so bland after watching blast
Broky vs Mantuu
overall i think broky > mantuu, he manages to be decent to good without having ever had team experience or a good igl until now mantuu has aleksib and was playing for aTTax before og iirc
Im a faze fan now
firepower out this world? solid strats and brains? very interesting personalities? call me plastic miga i aint looking back..
Bubzkji about rumours
Bubzkji about rumours
astralis gonna become another mibr bubzkji and others will want to play with the legends for the experience but put on bitch roles, scapegoated and sold/kicked
Charisma is slowly fading away from CS:GO
i think a lot of these teams are trying to get better in the mental strenght/resilience and stuff but instead of controlling and managing their emotions efficiently they try to eliminate all emotion a...
he just looks so pissed off at life all the time, the dude really must be miserably unhappy
worst thing in launders
honestly they're tolerable/lowkey enjoyable NOW. they were dogshit 1 year ago, but right now i think theyre evolving and becoming better with each game, and criticizing them for fake hype is so lame, ...
Why FaZe won't work
ok assuming karrigan joins: karrigan first in, rain second in cuz thats what they do best honestly twistzz star role (third/fourth in) as he wants but he'll need to be a little selfless even if he wan...