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FaZe vs Gambit
pls faze go do -rain and -olof asap
fnatic vs Gambit
cmon gambit!!!! kill the bo3 streak *antijinx* fnatic can also pull sth if smooya plays better on this one
on god interz was so impactful on ancient
Twistzz star player
i feel like he can only be stable whenever he is the second or third star on a team but with the roles that are right for him. having him as your 1st star tho... naw :/
most scripted players
b1t with no aim? reported
Gambit vs fnatic
lmao wasnt this gonna be ez for fnatic? rl way too sold on fraud nip and then this
"nexa bad IGL"
its just a bad showing by g2, extraofficially amanek igled on that old 2019 roster. also, they shouldnt just forget everything they do with nexa and malek when theyre not there lol
NiP social media presence
istg nip has to be the most unlikable org with the least charismatic players to at least be cool
esl production
esl always have extremely long tech issues that we never get a reason for
Snappi ruled out for IEM Winter, Maden steps in for ENCE
oh :( get well soon
Gambit 2017 vs BEBRA
nawww GODbit farmed them noobs...fl1t tried hard wtf. not nafany though?
Pro looks younger than actual age
they also think and behave younger sometimes i thought yekindar was like 18 first time i saw him no cap
Is Zywoo really Top 2 this year?
i dont think so, the argument for it mostly is his rating and impact on "elite events" but the sample size is way smaller, and he doesnt have a single mvp OR trophy. this is relevant event though its ...