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100 Thieves vs Astralis
100 Thieves vs Astralis
Yes, why not? If FaZe didn’t ban train(maybe 5-16) or vertigo that’s the score for sure but still FaZe win.
FaZe vs Evil Geniuses
Tbh, how can you stop nikozera with this fake NA brats hahahahaha
100 Thieves vs Astralis
FaZe vs AstraLUL 1-16 16-13 16-9 16-14 FaZe win (3:1) MVP NiKo ez katka blyat
Astralis vs FaZe
So everyone thinks that AstrShit throw on their own home land. Hahahaha get a life bitches FaZe #1 peak again
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
Wow, this is the match that i want to see NiKo vs S1mple clash of the titans!!! But anyways NiKo got 9 majors and 0 for s1mple. Reality hurts you so bad.
Astralis vs FaZe
Please don’t disappoint us NiKo, show your true GODSKILLS like you used before even simple can’t stop you.
FaZe vs mousesports
Are you fvcking blind? Ur karrigay cant kill my monster NiKo though they’re the same role but please suck ur karrigan’s dick u moron.
FaZe vs mousesports
Hahaha i dunno why it’s favored for Mouzbots. NiKo>Karrigay Olof>Woxic Rain<ropz Coldzera=frozen(for the meantime) Broky>ChrisJ Ez faze!
FaZe vs OpTic
FaZe is the most fucking good team in this world. If -Broky +AleksiB and NiKo will be absolutely MONSTER.
Evil Geniuses vs G2
Ez for brehze. Philippines pride! Lezgow
Liquid vs Astralis
Chinese csgo is worst than the people who lives on china. Full of fix match.
FaZe vs Evil Geniuses
FaZe clan gonna rekt all these trash and fake players. 16-0 16-1 FaZe.
Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
NiKo+Coldzera>AstraLUL Haters gonna say astra can win against GODS.
FaZe vs Evil Geniuses
Yes, i was. I dont care about the roles. Btw FaZe gonna destroy this 5 clowns.