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Vertigo worst map even in map pool
cache new again! But tuscan or cobble +1
BIG Cheating again
how much? must be a lot
gla1ve and zonic's twitter likes
I understood is as, dev1ce: "your practicing is so much better than what we did. We were lucky that we were able to become so good, with not as good practicing".
Olofmeister going to valorant fnatic!
old news Derkeps took that spot.
3 Fantasy improvement ideas
Also it has happened multiple times in our league that participant forgets to apply roles and is unable to apply them for future rounds.
3 Fantasy improvement ideas
I made topic about ability to disable boosters so I 100% support you idea.
Fantasy calculation system - Suggestion
So you just want to increase everything by x2. When you increase everything by x2 nothing will be increased. So IMO this is useless.
90 minutes isn’t a long game, according to gla1ve
I don't watch football because matches are too long and most of the time nothing is happening. ATM only first 10 min and last 20min are interesting. When 66% of the game is uninteresting that's not go...
90 minutes isn’t a long game, according to gla1ve
+1 beach soccer much better.
cadian sus???? ??
if you slow the clip down you can see that his crosshair doesn't stop on enemy's head. These happen almost every match...
Gym lads come
Doing some warmup and stretching before and after workout helps with that soreness.
+1 newcomers just cant comprehend it.
Nordavind vs XSET
So typical female vs male rules? So double the rounds xset gets. 8 for tie and 9 for win.
-Vertigo +Tuscan
WTF cache doing there? Worst map ever -cache +season.