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16:1 or 16:14
16:14 is always better, more to analyse, you can find and fix your mistakes so next time you win 16:14.
Nip vs faze
nip playing with standin faze are very bad atm, so ods should be 50/50... but this looks like 1st win for faze..
How to be in FPL
oh, i fit.
LoL promos for the WORLDS
Rito games are always bringing the best intros for WORLDS. I play league( mostly TFT <3) and every year i just cant wait for the worlds, amazing show, a lot of work and resources invested, it always l...
russian hackers, blame them.
faze fix
I`m a faze supporter but i cant see any future with this approach, we had promising talent bymas joining the team, playing adequate in crappy roles as a result = kicked and changed for kjarb( dont min...
Nordic players weak mental?
imagine seeing the whole world and then going back to your forest? obv they`ll have a depression...
Astralis #1
Navi made some mistakes and few times got unlucky, plus they are using new tactics and are just getting back on track, wait until the playonfs, they will try hard.
Astralis #1
if u actually watched Navi vs Ence, you would have changed your mind.
Astralis #1
they started actually using s1mple the right way, thats why he hits 30+ every game now, with prime s1mple and electronic + flamie to sweep after him, there is no contestant to be honest, just check th...
Astralis #1
They look strong, but they are not in prime yet, my top5 right now is 1.Navi 2.Astralis 3. Complexity 4. EG 5.Furia
Faze underdog
Faze underdog
GO SPIRIT!!!! Spirit is basically ENCE of CIS.