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3x1 going 1by1, classic brazil...
rpk accident
did he walk in that car on pedestrian crossing? damn, is driver okay?
tip 2 euro
or maybe they are saving money to go to the usa and buy a gun to shoot some retards, you never know what is on their mind.
tip 2 euro
Good. always tip if you can afford. Remember, people who are providing delivery services and any type of service, are earning either minimum wage or slightly above, so any tip is making a great job f...
Neo 1.6
Wembley Germany vs England
Germany defense is a fence not a wall anymore... Englando probably gonna win, maybe overtime/penalties, but still Englando to go through...
ronaldo punishment!
I'm sure you understand what is "minimal wage" and companies that are cutting the costs will be happy to produce products in countries where this is as low as possible so they can get maximum profit. ...
ronaldo punishment!
Coca-cola lost 4billion after this.
ronaldo punishment!
The point is that this is sponsored event, if you have any problems with sponsors, you don't participate in those, iftou participate you automatically agree with the rules of competition and everythin...
he is not the one who is missing easy shots.
Southgate retired in 2006.
Cmon poland
Poland defense is bad, have no clue how they haven`t conceded more yet :D but Lewa is good as always :)
Ger - Por
no. offsides failed me...
Ger - Por
i got the corners, but they had 0 offsides past 30th minute...
Ger - Por
with all those strikers only 3 offside in 90 minutes.. feels bad...