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crying about cheaters
don't take it seriously, cheater everywhere this the humen being. I disabled the chat with the enemy team and removed the profile photos because the cheaters will try to mock you all the time. if I ge...
crying about cheaters
last 2-3 mounts MM is unplayable because of all free accounts. I played a lot against unraked plyers who just destroyed me, I don't know if they are cheaters or smurf but no more balanced matches. I ...
Girl REKT politicans
Just keep playing CS .... nothing important
Liquid will crush Astralis
Vitality overrated ?
No, Dreameaters underrated
How F0rest is so good?
but the same didn't apply for get_reight, why?
90s movies you know.
need serious advice
I will challenge you for 2 weeks no fap no pron no edging..... and it will work. yes, I know this didn't change the fact that she still "fat", but at least do your part as a partner to ask her for cha...
need serious advice
are watching pron? yes? even she didn't gain weight you would lose interest. anyway I am sure you are watching already so stop watching and fapping for one week and see how you are going to run her l...
hltv alcohol experts come here
how old are you? one beer shouldn't do anything, anyway don't mix a lot maybe you caught cold. I eat Joubert it helps. after 4 or 5 hours if you feel nothing change, all the same, try to disgorge. it ...
according to liquipedia kNgV is
Dumbest pro?
Xantares to his mechanical skill level
Fun game to play with friends
Black squad
I like how you defined each player's origin except the bastard who should be somewhere in the biggest continent ....
dust2 mid doors
the doors should be more forced and let less penetration at least. good point