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WoW classic?
I tried Witcher 3 once. When it was launched. Horrible controls. Never again. Wow classic feels like the same as it was 15 years ago. Pure love
HAVU vs Copenhagen Flames
How does one get stuck at sauna? Never heard about that one before. If the sauna door doesn't open then it doesn't mean you are stuck. You just have to enjoy the warmth longer. In some cases for month...
rate girl
Do you mean to say that some people are actually sober sometimes? I'm never sober
How do ppl spend free time in ur country ?
Drinkg beer, warm up the sauna, drink beer in the sauna, add more wood to sauna, drink more beer in the sauna, roll in the snow, drink beer. We also like to play football. Either in swamp or snow. In ...
Top 5 worst countries you have been to?
1. Russia. Based on my visit to Vyborg in 1997. What a shit hole. 10 years old me wanted abroad and I got slapped in the face. 2. Estonia. The only times I went there was just to buy cheap beer. So ...
Eating meat
I am transvegan myself. My diet consist mainly of mass produced meat and fat. I don't feel bad about eating meat as it's so darng good. But I feel bad about the meat industry. Then again the bad feel...
Major Main Qualifier Predictions
Grayhound wins the major. Dick stickers will raise in value
Cs go hours... Like 3000. Over 3 or 4 accounts. Rank Just got Nova 1. Well I only play while I am drunk nowadays. I was LEM 2 years ago Fav player: Potti... or Heaton. I also like Forest Fav team: ...
i rate ur gf name
I dunno about women, but damn the beer Fatamorgana from Omnipollo is good
all phones that you have owned
Nokia 3210 Nokia 3510 Nokia 3200 Nokia N93 (Bought it cause the factory name was Gundam. Never actually assembled one but it looked cool) Nokia N96 Galaxy S3 MinI Galaxy S6 edge+ Galaxy J5 2017 One P...