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Its happening
Just got update. Nothing new
Its happening
Last operation was Tuesday too
Operation 10 tomorrow night
Well.... When it does eventually come it will be Tuesday
i guess ur age
1. Red hot chili peppers - californication 2. Rock and Metal 3. Hmm.. Final Fantasy VII 4. Ak-47 Cartel or Elite Build. Other than those I like the regular skins.
Operation 10 tomorrow night
Last operation came in Monday/Tuesday night at around 2 or 3am Finnish time. 1 or 2 am cet and 12 or 1am british time. So it is gonna be Tuesday this time around too most likely
$10 in your country
Finland is cheaper but saying way cheaper is too much 1 pack of cigarettes is about $9-$11 1 cinema ticket can be from $15 to $25 3 liters of Juice.... This ones hard. Average brands are $10 but toi ...
K23 vs Sprout
Rude.... We call it hockey brain. I have one too
France wtf???
Back then I moved where I got a job. I got job in Diegem (Just next to the Brussels airport) and I moved to Brussels. I spent about a year in Brussels and moved to Ireland from there. Ofc I went to ...
Allu Support Device igl Snax Awp S1mple anchor KennyS entry
France wtf???
True. And I lived in Brussels 10 years ago. It has to have gotten worse since then. I have nothing against races but we need white supremacy to sustain the proper civilization.
France wtf???
When I lived in Brussels I realized that being a minority is not fun. I once walked through Schaerbeek alone. I didn't see any other white person.
I never knew Snax cheated. I feel bad as I was VP fan during the Polish lineup
Fins come here
Depends on the severity of the case. Let's say you have been harrassing multiple individuals for multiple years.... then it might be plaussible.
So S1mple is still a cheater?
Fins come here
If you sue girl for sexual harrasment pics then sure they go to jail too. Who would do it though? What about Russia? I think it's still illegal to be gay there even though 50% of the population sucks...