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legit one of the best maps, so many options. Cant expect hltv nerd to like any map that need higher than 50iq tho
How to make csgo games a lot faster
why? Im talking about only pro games btw since there been talk to reduce rounds to 24
Karrigan havent proved me that hes top tier igl yet tbh, he has ropz, woxic, frozen in ur team, You dont even need to igl to win some tournaments with those players, give karrigan some tier 3 players ...
FaZe blameF & poizon
Once again hltv thread full of retards who dont know anything about sport, contracts or buy outs, legit retard brain dead fucking monkeys
off your chest
vittuu selität skidi
Prob find 5th. It couldnt be a surprise for faze that olof drops out, surely they have thought of something
Faze clan stand in
if its alex faze actually have a chance to be top 1 team. Igl with good english and used to call strats around star players
off your chest
flag checks out
Epic Rio major final
furia astralis obv would be most hyped game ever in csgo history, personal favourite, ence vs faze could be pog
glaive is the best csgo player of all time
i know the future lineup of a team
except aerial is ences biggest firepower atm :)
he quit csgo 10 hours ago and now hes "pro" in valorant, how fucking low skill game is it if u can just be pro if u want to
stewie IGL now
They are not forced to play these tournaments wtf is he crying about
Part 9 - My take on top 30 teams (2020-05-18)
Your ence ranking is completely lost and stupid, jamppi is playing every tournament and xseven is gone other than majors, if jamppi get unbanned xseven will get benched. Aerials impact is huge in ence...