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Best pro jersey in CS?
I bought an SK jersey in 2017 because it looked great, no other reason. The quality was ok , but I bought a NaVi jersey in 2018 and the quality was dogshit, like really, really terrible. With the Vit...
Best pro jersey in CS?
EG's jersey when they first acquired their CS:GO team was hands down the sexiest jersey I have ever seen for an eSports team. SK's jersey in 2016 and 2017 were also contenders. As of right now, I'd s...
aleksib = genius
Imagine comparing NiKo to Aleksib in terms of an IGL. Aleksi is working with much worse players than NiKo was. NiKo is a great player, one of the best to ever play any version of CS, but he isn't a go...
He had talent no doubt, but he was a stand-out player when CS:GO was leaving it's infancy phase/really starting to develop. Personally, I believe he is a much better analyst than he was a player, and ...
top 5 igls rn
gla1ve can hardly be considered top 5 IGL when he hadn't been the IGL for months, he literally just started to be the IGL again, all of Astralis' past achievements were with Magisk as an IGL. Don't ge...
top 5 igls rn
When apEx first took over Vitality they were dogshit, now they're a top 3 team in the world. apEx is a top 5 IGL for sure.
Jason Lake was committed to eSports back when it was a joke. He's a real legend, and it's great to see that his dedication to the eSports scene has paid off for him.
Biggest throw ever?
It was vs. NiP in pro league. I think they were 13-2 up at HT and ended up losing xD (This may have been a group stage match but I think this is the one you're talking about)
Karrigan Mouz
In the past, what has he done in 2020? I literally said that he is one of the greatest of all time, but you really can't consider the best in the world as of now.
Karrigan Mouz
karrigan is definitely one of the best IGL's of all time. You really couldn't consider him the best in the world atm as his team has been performing very poorly lately, then again I think that the onl...
6 man rosters
I mean some will do it for the money. Id imagine if you are like a decent player along the lines of skill level from someone like a gade or cajunb in North for example, or GTR maybe, someone who simpl...
Make a team
IGL - Karrigan AWP - ZyWoO Rifle - s1mple Rifle - Elige Support - f0rest - (Major winner and not currently in top 30)
Good anime
6 man rosters
Look at Astralis, they have an insanely talented player in Bubzkji sitting on the bench, ensuring he cannot play for one of their Danish rivals, despite seemingly having no intention of playing him.
Best DJs in the world?
Back when he made hardstyle he was class. His transition to house was kinda cancer though. He has kind of made a somewhat decent comeback to hardstyle though.