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New Zealand is done
New Zealand is no more, say hello to Anzacistan.
New Zealand is done
Anime=Best thing that humanity invented ever?
So many disgusting losers who jerk off to real women in this thread.
Absolutely heartbroken. Been following Nexa since his departure from Renegades and the conception of MANS NOT HOT. A solid team with the makings of something far better from essentially a mix of rejec...
weeb hate?
We all know Furries are the nicest people on the planet compared to pedophilic weebs. An erotic cartoon leads to child's sexual abuse! It's vice!
I recommend anime
Age - Redacted Favorite tv show or movie - My Name is Earl / Elmo in Grouchland Favorite music - Trash Favorite anime - Fela Pure
One can only hope. The full Swedish roster shows actual promise as a team, don't want the likes of ScreaM to taint that.
wasted talents from ur country [cs]
INTZ stickers
Logo isn't particularly outstanding and or recognizable. There wasn't any actual hype for the team even during the major and now that kNg is gone the team has one more become irrelevant. As an investm...
i fix any top 40 team
10/10 songs
Anything from the lyrical mastermind Ur Boy Bangz
Heroic vs GamerLegion
These Swedish "stand-ins" GamerLegion have had for the last week make for a better team than the official roster. Heroic's results have been downhill severely for awhile after the release of Friberg a...
NiP vs MIBR. Such a yawn fest.
Genuine vs Recursive
Always wondered what happened to Dizzy after a short trial with Vox Eminor all those years ago, guess he's just one hell of a pugger now. What a waste of talent.
Heroic vs GamerLegion
GamerLegion might actually have a chance here so long as they field the Swedish roster.