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ESEA is bullshit
like mistakes that make you lose the first pistol round or first gun round? thats why your team feeds the enemy. you tilt them from round 1 instead of just being friendly and understanding that every...
ESEA is bullshit
am i right in assuming you are automatically toxic as soon as you see the smallest mistake in your teammates and that makes them not want to play with you? honest answer only pls
NiP vs Natus Vincere
You say that like somebody asked you who won more "battles" lmao The rules clearly state that the team who won more rounds win. You're the one who claims they are lucky because they won more rounds....
CSGO tattoos
yes ty men))
CSGO tattoos
surely thats just drawn with a felt pen
???Reply needs to have actual content
Come to brazil
FaZe best posible roster
would be extremely fun to see, but my guess is egos would fuck it up. cant have niko cold AND s0mple
FaZe best posible roster
aleksib hello?
FaZe best posible roster
they need a supportive player like rain to tie things together
You guys dont understand
thats because there are no challenging teams for astralis right now. name checks out btw
Lastet update for CSGO
pros like neptune dont earn 6 figures. and just because theyre pros they cant play for fun as well?
Lastet update for CSGO
so take it as an opportunity to learn something from legitimately good players. no reason to be salty, they definately didnt queue with the intention to "spend their time in 5stacks with friends in mm...
Lastet update for CSGO
you sound salty. perhaps theyre just chilling with their mates and dont want to tryhard
Lastet update for CSGO
I havent seen that message in 992 matches, you must be very unluko