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yeah i saw that when i tried to figure out what is all the buzz but: 1) these are not bad stats but not the best or atleast good as they describe him 2) that's kind of what i'm talking about, only one...
Vertigo shit map
tbh this version on EPL is bad yeah. from what ive see tho, the new one is much better
he doesn't know PepeLaugh
heroic 16-0 nip
RIP BibleThump
fallen 9999iq smoke
2000 iq but could go without a notice if the EBOX player hadnt move around to face him at that exact second. i know that what the smoke suppose to do but he could have turn around a second later, a ma...
kNg rapper songs
NiKo underrated IGL
THE struggle? i doubt. in these levels anyway. A struggle? for sure but let's see
NiKo underrated IGL
actually they play really well, but let's see them on T side. CT side train is not easy to play but obv the T a lot harder
Prettiest Brasil places (with streetview)
i hope you will make it bro :) gl
Prettiest Brasil places (with streetview)
brazil is a top 10 country with how much beautiful it is. ive been there for a month and my dream is to come back. AMAZING place. never heard of those places but ive been to probably one of the most f...
Envy change needed
that's actually sick, s0m is shining lately, fugly is solid enough, nifty still has potential plus he's a good igl, ryann is the obvious drop off, imo android aswell. seems like a good fella and proba...
no no. Zyw0o got HLTV mvp. JW got the DH MVP. HLTV > DH. deserved for Zyw0o. 3 rounds from him to win the whole event doesn't mean he shouldn't recieve it.
NA hair. get it? haHAA
WARDELL team??
coL /closed
Dexter (Greyhound)
bump (4st account)