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Trump crying again
True, google Trump for example, and then google Biden. Shit news about Trump, only good things about Biden. Or try to search for anything related to climate change; not even the slightest form of cri...
ban inquiries?
Yes, 10 year ban remained 10 year ban.... "too many small infractions" rip in pepperoni cu on proper account in 2029 boyz
Hottest vocalist ever
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6omsDyFNlk Alizee ofc
Who will win the Champions League
It all depends on Muller, the best player in the world atm
Messi Ronaldo Debate
Ronaldo was way more flashy and amazing to look at, pure strenght and class in every aspect of the game. A small dribbler like Messi was 1-dimensional and boring as hell to me. The fact that people a...
Messi, Hamilton, Van Gerwen, Nadal, s1mple = all overrated shitters
Losing weight
less calories in than out, simple Also always train HARDER THAN LAST TIME
Lewis Hamilton karma
Hopefuly he gets a bad case of corona she he'll miss a few races. Cba to look at a BLM terrorist anymore.
pros you killed
device....in battalion KEKW
+69 They always have ridiculously coloured hair, so typical for the attention seekers they are
Dutch ppl come (pls)
You're the 1%, the other 99% we really rather see fuck off. You can't deny the vast majority only cause trouble, see crime statistics and islamization of entire neighbourhoods.
His father tought him well
Trump mental breakdown
The Netherlands didn't even record untested corona deaths as 'corona deaths'. We're more than double the official number here, that's the lying he's talking about and he's right.