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That’s just a really dumb prediction and no one should come to you for betting advice apparently.
Valorant Truth
Pretty much the point
Wtf happened to zellsis?
He never got a chance with another tier 1 org really, and had no choice but to go to Valorant - like a lot of NA players
Should i ?
It’s just fucking weed. Not like theirs a dosing index for how much you should smoke. Wtf. Just smoke it if you want to get high/higher or don’t.
next era?
Ever since online there’s been multiple teams trading the top spot. Online is far too inconsistent. Won’t be anyone’s era for a long time.
boring era?
Gambit and Heroic are absolutely incredible to watch. G2 is fun to see rising, and interesting to see Astralis falling. Liquid are a new mystery going into the next event. Faze are a intriguing team t...
my computer not starting
I have an itx as well but it’s fully liquid cooled lol
my computer not starting
Idk why you’d need to disconnect something to clean a pc unless it’s absolutely disgusting
my computer not starting
Did you unplug anything? What extent of “cleaning” did you do?
Best IGLs not as IGLs?
The fact no one has said Pronax is fucking disturbing.
gambit vs heroic
For the most part, yes, Astralis always won in their finals, but Liquid did win a grand slam in Astralis’ era.
Hello, World!
Good. Arm is about to fall off from cutting steaks all morning, and old people are annoying as fuck. But other than that, good.
gambit vs heroic
Every team that had an “era” had a number two team they always traded blows with.