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wow classic?
cuz you pay for a fucking constant flow of content ????? if you cannot afford 13€ a month for a damn hobby you should probably ask your parents for some cash what the fuck are 13€ anyway ????
wow classic?
they dont make much extra money
ENCE vs Giants
at least i can spend my time elsewhere. not watching a boring shitty final you know whos gonna win
ENCE vs Giants
so in the end NIP throwed it by losing to giants ah well sad story
ENCE vs Giants
cmon giants :O
NiP vs Natus Vincere
ONE player ONE O N E why dont they overrun him ??? wtf
Astralis vs Cloud9
wouldnt even surprise me if c9 wins this
miss old inferno
and i miss 1.3 the perfect version of cs. ofc 99% active here dont even know what 1.3 was
islam and and arab peoples
are you retarded ????
islam and and arab peoples
i dont give a shit what the media says... I can think for myself. And Islam is the most dangerous Ideology that currently exist.
islam and and arab peoples
haha no. how ? they live in caves depending on the technology the West provides them they have no chance taking over anything. If some Countrys would stop supporting them they soon would be back to f...
islam and and arab peoples
0.5 :D:D:D:D official stats are more like between 150 - 350 million radical muslims lets not forget the simple fact that the Majority of Muslims NEVER condem Attacks... They would rather side witht...
islam and and arab peoples
good luck bringing back indoctrinated people
Danes translate plz
damn karrigans father seems like a nice guy
Truth about EU cs
be quiet child. or start learning some truth instead of swallowing the bullshit they feed you everyday