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GOAT Debate
he still is
North vs NiP
yeah i didnt know russki... i legit though NIP was qualified being 2:0 up but ESL shitty System robbed them in the End
North vs NiP
. Betting on a team that's already qualified... nobody does it
[18+] Heard parents doing it?
So what's the big deal ? No sex no life .
Build your perfect roster
Hazz cracken koj Ash giant
GOAT Debate
forest nobody playing on such a high level for this long
The germany shooting today
i dont know ... he attacked a jewish building and put some explosive on it. so its 100% jew related but meh i dont give a fuck. they always tell us we have to live with Muslim attacks. so live with N...
The germany shooting today
are you realy that dense ??? Neo Nazi / Jews he would have killed 10+ if he werent such a fucking retard
Wrist Aim vs Forearm Aim
this guy is so fat you cant even tell which part of the body that is
Gerexit NOW
germany benefits from it cuz they are dumping the wages down as fuck.... germany is a shithole right now compared to what it was in the 80s and early 90s
shox most overrated player?
he just showed that he had a better second half with a better performing team... SHOCKING imagine forest in a constant top 3 team over the last years. fucking GOAT
shox most overrated player?
https://www.hltv.org/news/11895/top-20-players-of-2013-ranking no he wasnt
Jealousy toward France
your language is ugly your nation turns into a shithole your football team is 90% blacks LMAO ur not france anymore
forest is 31 and still a solid top 15 player ok actually he is #1 since he is the GOAT
fnatic vs Vitality
biggest fluke final in a long time 2 pathetic teams trying to play