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I’m a sad astralis fan
this is just what happened at blast pro copenhagen where they lost but came back after and won everything including the intel grand slam right after. nothing to worry about yet i would say
I fix your country
im not sure we want that back seeing how Malmö is doing :p
s1mple > device
if u say so man, it just seems whenever astralis beat navi a lot of fanboys try to "defend" their lose by spamming simple > device even when no1 is arguing the contrary xD
s1mple > device
but that thread doesnt mention device, so why does yours ?
s1mple > device
i said my point which is i dont get why ppl like u make these angry posts just because ur team lost, unless u bet money on them ??? astralis won navi lost it is what it is, just get on with it. also s...
s1mple > device
no i just find it hillarious that some ppl are so insecure that the second their team lose they're on hltv making threads left and right. just watch the game and be quiet.
s1mple > device
you seem very angry kid, ur not handling the lose very well u should get some help, cause they'll lose again tomorrow against liquid
s1mple > device
exactly so just look at where they meet head 2 head, awp 2 awp and see who comes out on top ;) s000000mple
s1mple > device
the link u showed includes the navi - mibr game, you seem to consistenly repeat urself are you okay ?
s1mple > device
The same goes for the NaVi - mibr game. nt 5 iq noscener. u seem a bit angry kid u should go to bed now.
s1mple > device
u are considering the mibr and c9 game, im considering a game where they actually play against each other and not bot teams... nt tho
s1mple > device
1.29 >>>> 1.09 nt s0mple fangay nt
Blast Format Fix
So making it just another tourney, why even bother then ?
Blast Format Fix
and how many days would u expect this to take ???? the tournament is a 2 day event, adding just 1 more day would completely change the economy for the organizers and isnt something "you just do"
S1mple vs device
is this a cry gathering for s0mple fangays???