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American slavery
I literally said "once again, per capita is the most accurate way to measure something (unless micronation, like liechtenstein)" and then you say: "nice logic man... thats why litchenstein is the ...
American slavery
maybe read my message again
American slavery
(unless micronation, like liechtenstein)(unless micronation, like liechtenstein)(unless micronation, like liechtenstein)(unless micronation, like liechtenstein)(unless micronation, like liechtenstein)...
American slavery
yesyes keep telling urself that anime tits are the best tits and thats a simple fact womens world cup xD me and 10 randoms from hltv could beat a womens national team once again, per capita is the ...
American slavery
no, they really dont, only countries that give a shit about basketball is like serbia, latvia and lithuania chess is more sport than baseball football* and yes the whole world plays it and the whole...
American slavery
only sports you are best at are the ones almost no other countries play, besides what does you having some athletes got to do with 65% of ur adult population being overweight or obese, it's not like t...
American slavery
thanks mens!!
American slavery
only an american would think "per capita" is a bad way to measure things, when you said that I realised it wasn't worth wasting any more time on you
American slavery
thanks fatass go eat another burger dont forget to tip the waiter because restaurants are allowed legal wage slaves
American slavery
yes we all know americans hate "per capita" because it actually proves how shit their nation is xD
American slavery
wow hard to have medals when ur 300+ million people maybe look per capita
Are u a cuck?
no I do the cucking
Twistzz Van Dulken
not gonna lie I would let Russel "Twistzz" VanDulken tear me a new hole
American slavery
americans = obese
good country