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300 fps at 1920x1080
i7 4790k @ 4ghz gtx 970 1080p all high and disabeled with 4X. DM 20+ player: 250-350(sometimes eften 200 depends on map etc) 5on5: 350-550 I want to oc my cpu in next week just got this compu...
Laptop csgo
CPU: i5-3210m GPU: Radeon 7700 2GB RAM: 8GB fps in 5v5:120-150 (play on fps_max 150) fps in DM:90-120 settings: 1280x720 all low How much: 700 euro, 2 years ago You can also run 120 hz on lower...
1024 crosshair
size 2 or 3 style 4 gap -1 or 0 dot 0 green
Post A Glock Ace
Bulding New PC
Only rent all is included electricity etc.
Bulding New PC
I could go with any case really I have second choice which is this: http://www.x-kom.pl/p/208834-obudowa-atx-btx-corsair-carbide-series-spec-02-czarno-czerwona.html around 55-60 euro
Bulding New PC
I live at biggest University Campus in Poland and biggest technical University in country so that's why I have such internet speed, ofc I don't pay a cent for it;)
Bulding New PC
Yeah I know I plan to buy later more SSD but I don't have so much cash right now :( I have secondary HDD with 1TB for storage purpose.
Bulding New PC
Yes, I will make chinese from them :)
Bulding New PC
This is my at home: https://forums.darklordpotter.net/images/u_signature/sigpic12756_2.gif I hope it will be enough :)
Bulding New PC
Hey. I will just write something like that prices are in PLN but I will exchange it to euro. CPU: 340 Euro MB: 95 Euro GPU: 335 Euro RAM: 70 Euro SSD: 55 Euro CASE: 50 euro PSU: 85 Euro (Be qu...
Bulding New PC
Yeah but I only see straight power nothing about cable management, hope its the one, for 85 euros. http://www.x-kom.pl/p/72218-zasilacz-komputerowy-be-quiet-600w-straight-power-e9-box.html
Bulding New PC
Hey I have dvd reader and windows from my previous PC, I want SSD and think 120 gb will be enough (for Windows and most used programs) I already plan to buy 600W Be quiet PSU. For CPU cooling I will j...
Bulding New PC
Thanks I See PSU like that :) Could buy 600W its like 40 euro more but I know that PSU is very important :)
how to noscope?
bind mouse2 +attack