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biden is going to win
Hopefully, then we can take out Trump Mashallah
Trump covid
The best news this morning Mashallah
What if Trump Dies?
Hope it happens Inshallah
Do you like your country?
You are calling me a sellout when you are planning to leave for Germany for what? Money?
Do you like your country?
How would you know if he was tortured? Just because your bullshit media tells you so doesn't mean it's true You know nothing how it was in the 70s it was total bs and I'm glad it's over Sharia? It's ...
Do you like your country?
*Executed wrestler who had murdered some security guy over a personal beef It was made huge deal just because he was famous there shouldn't be exceptions
Languages you're interested to learn
Russian A little interest in Chinese but not huge
They respected the deal and waited for one year before breaking it because the EU countries were useless to help we suffered one year of embargo all for nothing What did our country did to deserve th...
Yes thanks to US for breaking deal just because Trump didn't like Obama so he had to ruin the working deal and assassinate Soleimani among other things he had done and he acts like he's the good guy o...
Which country has goat history
Probably you
Which country has goat history
Open your eyes Pajeet your history was dominated by Pakis and Bengalis
Which country has goat history
Of course it's considered as Iran why wouldn't it?
Which country has goat history
Most religious country?
It's good that it's a thing here