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Vitality Move Bad for the Scene
Vitality Move Bad for the Scene
They hate vitality and they are blind.
Vitality Move Bad for the Scene
So it's forbidden to play with zeus, pp-bizon. So if it is forbidden why this guns still in the game. For me matchfixin is : Killing each other, not defusing the bomb on purpose, never buy and not Mo...
vitality disgusting behaviour
Did they lost the game? Yes Did they play for fun? Yes Did they threw on purpose the game? No Have fun hating Vitality :)
vitality disgusting behaviour
Do you even read alex's interview? "I'll start off with the game against Party Astronauts, it seemed pretty easy for you. So, did you end up preparing for Party Astronauts at all? We're not preparin...
vitality disgusting behaviour
If you lost any respect for them because of that, so you are a snowflake.
vitality overrated
i'm a fan of vitality and i agree with them ;)
Vitality trolling....
Just reed alex interview he said it. They will have fun for this tournament.
Sprout vs Vitality
Going for MDL finals and try to to play EPL next season
Vitality vs GamerLegion
So there will be no team because every has a player who is better than their teammate.
They played two games : against movistar (lost 14-16) and against vitality (lost 13-16). Atleast vita has played MDL (to go to EPL) not like Ence who leaves after 2 loses.
Bye Vitality
Let them be happy with a win since they didn't won any titles.
Bye Vitality
Can you please stop with rpk. He bring stability to the team and he is a hardworker. There is actually nobody to replace him (and btw they still rising so nothing to change). To finish, this playoff p...
Vitality cs_summit win fluke?
yeah right. For me, a good 3 weeks for vita was : semi-final in cs-summit, 7-8th in dreamhack Master and semi-final in ECS final. Vita will not win every tournament.
Vitality cs_summit win fluke?
Sad life fot them.