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Your top 5 games
Why omega lul, in spite of the game getting little shitty lately(though battlegrounds are really cool) I still had a lot of fun and its one of few games in which I've actually been quite good at, so i...
Your top 5 games
No particular order 1) CS:GO 2) Minecraft 3) Hearthstone 4) Mafia 5) FlatOut 2
gla1ve RAGING
I thought Russia was kicked from G8
5 Reasons why OG will be Top 5
Didn't read but No
chrisJ reitre?
OMg I'm so done with this, people keep on hating on players like Chris, cuz they just don't understand how the game works, in fact he is really good player still, in spite of his age. One of the best ...
Smoking weed
Honestly for me it didn't do anything either like the first 4 or 5 times I tried, you probably just need some1 experienced to tell you how to smoke weed properly, like not blow out the smoke immediate...
Make a superteam for each region
Czechia is not Eastern Europe you moron
Belarus == Whiterussia?
Nah, its more like Belarus=Russian colony
navi is cursed LITERALLY
Guardian needs to retire, thats it, navi fixed
TOP 5 alchoolic countries
Where is Czech republic? Highest beer consumption per capita per year in the world...
Rate karrigan GF
Who did she leave?
your country superteam
Lol no, more like: - GuardiaN + Anyone
I guess your MM rank
nitr0 mousesports ak 47 p250 3000 january 2015
Sex is Overated +18
rate my DJ girlfriend
Dunno dude, shes pretty damn hot, too hot for hltv user honestly LOL, music not best but Ok, she has some potential