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I guess which politic party you support:
100 % not :)
I guess which politic party you support:
nope ODS
I guess which politic party you support:
Nope, Ano 2011 is actually cancer of the country and is not "right" its more of center or left, ill give u one more shot I forgot to say that my party is representing the parlament.
I guess which politic party you support:
Czech republic Right In favor of EU
csgo players you cant hate
Why are all cs players white?
I think by whit e he means europoid race, meaning the brazilians are actually white.
Elon Musk = eww
So you think that everyone should live the same life, no matter how hard they work, no matter what skill they have, no matter how high their ambitions are. Right?
Elon Musk = eww
What is your problem dude? I can smell your jealousy all the way over here from Germany, if he worked hard to gain success he deserves it theres no denying. Only loosers that didn't achieve anything ...
Need a slovakian plz =)
Slovakia kinda lame, come Czechia if possible :)
Contact fix
So as you can see im Czech and I watch oskars stream from time to time and also follow GuardiaN on several platforms a bit. I can confirm that oskar has a bizarre personality, dunno if I'd call him a ...
Contact fix
Yeah ur right, its just always kinda sad when these legends retire :D yeah I would love to see ALEX on Godsent, I actually think Godsent are on a good way to being a top team in the world. Maden has b...
Contact fix
I guess you have a point. I mean ALEX is a viable option but he might be a bit too expensive for the taste of contact and honestly I'd rather love ALEX joining godsent. Snappi could work tho. Part of ...
Contact fix
Yeah they wish...
Contact fix
Alright that does make sense, but they could still bench emi tho.
CIS Super team
Yeah, don't pick mir, hes unproven and actually kinda bad and buster is quite good so keep buster but i agree with the other two.