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Like i said, i dont know how good his english, im aware he has been in NA for a while, prior to joining NRG he was my favourite player to watch and with his highlights im sure i wasnt alone. But just ...
S1mple VS ZywOo Straw Poll
How can i be that dumb? Are you serious, i said regardless of his luck he would still be a top 5 player but if you havent noticed, noscopes are random. Tell me how many times you can drop down from he...
Vitality only winning because of ALEX
Every team can have an off-day at any point. Do you really think that losing in one final is a choke?. Vitality are the higher rated team as well. Choking would be finishing second over half the time ...
Cerq is good but i think it would be a case of communication. They seem to get along well enough but we dont know his english capabilities. IGL-wise, daps is a great shot-caller and i dont dubt that i...
Vitality only winning because of ALEX
FURIA are just having an off-day. Both teams’ calls have been good but FURIA have been missing way too many shots. Its not about teams ‘figuring out’ FURIA, it is simply an off-day for them
S1mple VS ZywOo Straw Poll
Simple has to be the luckiest player to ever play cs. I think even without the bullshit luck he gets (like hitting almost every noscope no matter the position), he would still be a top 5 player but he...
Fúria hate
I think people just hate FURIA either because of Brazil’s fans (like liverpool fans in soccer), or to not be mainstream. I like them because as long as its not art being spectated, they are fun to wat...
art is the reason they lost their last matches, against NRG you saw it, against ENCE and against liquid. You would think he would learn not to push banana when he is holding a site alone?.?.
17-22 year old Polish girls
Neither here nor there on Polish girls. Just want to say, Swedish girls... yes
art is holding FURIA back so much. Not by his skill but purely by his stupid aggression. Its not even like XANTARES who is known for all aim no brain, its just an average player making silly decisions