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No more events in denmark
Why not? Because NA was shit back then?
No more events in denmark
Still Poland has accomplished more then NA in CS.
Movie sites
I would recommend paying around 10€ monthly for Baconfeet, best Emby server with great library of movies and series! 👍
I got alot of respect for Aleksi but he has not played for months so I cant put him in the top 5 right now.
1. Gla1ve 2. Stan 3. Golden 4. Karrigan 5. Nitr0
most kills in comp match
No problem, always happy to help! 🙂
most kills in comp match
In pro matches K0nfig hold the record for most kills on one map with 47 Kills in relegation time. Krimz was close to break the record yesterday with 45 Kills.
Spotify 2019 Wrapped
Top 5 artists: NF, Mobb Deep, Biggie, Lukas Graham and Eric B & Rakim. Top Songs: 1. NF - The Search 2. NF - Time 3. Gang Starr - Full Clip 4. Biggie - Juicy 5. Eric B & Rakim - I Aint No Joke 6. N...
I guess your weight
1. LEM 2. 900 hours in MM/Faceit, 1800 total hours. 3. Sweden. 4. Corsair k63, Zowie ZA13 5. 179 cm.
Cerq is not from NA
Daps is in my opinion the best IGL in NA. Alot of nice and powerful tactics, found alot of talented players like NAF, Tarik, Brehze, Cerq and Ethan. I think he deserves to be in a good NA lineup, he ...
Daps (IGL) Elige Breezhe Ethan Nitr0
9. Not Kjaerbye its oBo?
Your salary in EURO
Sweden Chef 15€ hourly + tips
Best rapper
In the game now: NF, J.Cole, Stormzy and Kendrick. Back then: Biggie, Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five, N.W.A, LL Cool J, Tupac, Eminem, Nas and Wu-Tang.