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Valve being obsessed over vertigo
You can't argue against facts, mate. There's a reason this map is still played till this day, from casual to pro level. Get over it.
Valve being obsessed over vertigo
Like what? Dust II is the greatest CS map in history and has a near perfect design. There was nothing they could've changed without ruining the map. You would be one of the idiots that would complain ...
joker movie?
Amazing movie, go see it. It will live up to the hype, if not surpass it. The movie is legit. Now stay away from the internet until you see it, you don't want anything ruined from this movie. There a...
Well, if the other guys from Vitality step up and Zywoo is on his best, I think Vitality wins. But NaVi has a lot less pressure right now and they have the advantage to already know how Vitality plays...
Who cares?
If Navi plays mouz
It's hard to say, because NaVi is pretty much a way better team now without Zeus and Kane in every regard, even if they're still getting used to the new system.
s1mple alpha
Dude, get out of here with that shit argument. Here, this is probably the best way any English speaker can understand. Look at this and then go fuck yourself: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EGDOpxiXUAUf...
Best rock voices
Brad Delp, Bruce Dickinson, Freddie Mercury, Prime Axl Rose, Prime Sebastian Bach.
s1mple alpha
Then he should've written in his native language, not in English. There's no excuse on his side. Why do you think s1mple said Nel didn't even try to understand, before tweeting about it?
s1mple alpha
BOTH, HOW HARD IS IT TO UNDERSTAND!? Google will never be able to translate what he meant, because even in Russian it's hard to understand. But it doesn't mean jealousy in the same way it does in Eng...
s1mple alpha
No, it's not about drama, it's about the words he used in the tweet. Many people who understand Russian reacted the same way, because it almost doesn't make any sense the way he wrote it.
s1mple alpha
Except that Nel deserved it. Countless people who speak Russian went at him, telling what the tweet meant, and yet that fucking retard still refused to understand and kept acting as if there's drama b...
Maybe, but he should've chosen a better angle to hold.
Not on B site of Dust II, especially from that position. There were way too many angles for him to check.
And then he drops the AK for an AWP and loses the round in a 1v1. I don't understand why he does that, he's still great with rifles. WHY