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shit in your language
show me your 10/10 girl
This bitch is a 6/10 at best. Some of you need to get out more.
csgo devs
Again, that's not how a business works. Just deal with the updates we get and be happy we're even getting them.
csgo devs
People have been "annoying" them about the 128 tick rate servers for an eternity we'll never get that. That's not how business work, especially now that the game is free-to-play.
girl called me out in the gym
Nah, go to the gym. If anything, it seems like that girl got interested in you, if she just laughed it off after you joked about it. If she didn't liked it, I bet she would be mad and avoid you, so ma...
csgo devs
No "we" can't. We just deal with it and that is a fact.
Mouse list count used by Pros/Streamers [CSGO ONLY]
"s1mple is on fk1+ divina" He's not, he said it multiple times in today's stream he's using a new mouse. He probably can't say which one yet, just like when he was testing the Divina months before i...
csgo devs
I mean, it's their game, they can do whatever they want with it.
Good luck then. But maybe you were banned for griefing twice, so you got a permanent ban after that second. Other than that, I find it hard to believe you, because if it was a false ban, you'd have yo...
Literally every cheater says the same thing. Several people have to overwatch you until you get banned, so I call it b s that you never cheated.
Liquid GOAT
How about you present an actual argument, Liquid fanboy? I'm waiting. But it's okay if your brain is incapable of doing so.
Liquid GOAT
Not even close. They aren't even as dominant as Astralis was in their best maps, let alone being the greatest team ever.
Why are you overreacting though? It's not like they're losing to a shit team.
Belle Delphine lol
Finally, this bitch needs a reality check. She isn't even that hot, I don't get why people like her that much. Just go outside and you'll see dozens of girls prettier than her.
Pizza or Burger?
Pizza is one of the greatest inventions in human history.