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Best csgo team logo
I always liked Fnatic's logo because it looks so simple yet holds all letters of their name. I like Ancient's logo too, and Vitality's.
NA fans or EU fans
Eh, many people (including myself) dislike the USA, but I think it's important to separate the state and general culture from individuals or something like an esports organisation. So while a bit misg...
It's not really early, but eh. The like seeing a trashing either way, just not last year because Astralis was always so boring to watch. Liquid is actually entertaining though I'll admit I'd rather se...
Worst final?
Funnily enough Chicago 2018 final was worse imo. But there it was Liquid getting trashed. At least seeing Liquid trash a team is entertaining, Astralis was always boring, the real final last year was ...
Liquid era from march 2019 to november 2019. It's been going on for a while.
NA fans or EU fans
Maybe you get other posts in your sidebar than I do. Most are about Liquid being the best team, and about half of them are toxic. And general NA toxicity is more toxic than EU toxicity. But eh, who re...
Team(s) you always cheer against?
MIBR, and recently Furia. And it's just a coincidence that they're both Brazilian teams. I want Zeus to fail, but I like the rest of Na'Vi too much to not want them to win. Astralis and Liquid are two...
Like I said, how he plays looks like just another pro, his stats tell a different story. And in fact, S1mple already looked crazy a few years ago. And even if ZyWoo now is better than S1mple a few yea...
Eh … S1mple >>> Zywoo > a few other players > Device. S1mple is far beyond any other player, when you see him play you can see the talent dripping from him. ZyWoo looks like just another pro player, j...
Whitest country of earth
Maybe get an actual legit source. What even is 3oku? Like I said, I literally have been closely around two completely Japanese people who were paler than the rest of my mostly European class for a who...
Whitest country of earth
Chinese are yellowish, Koreans and Japanese are whiter than Europeans. Just look some up to check. And I have two Japanese students, so I've seen some at a regular basis for a year.
Nothing to see, your clip is too late.
Whitest country of earth
If you're purely talking about skin colour it has to be Japan, their skin is often lighter than most Europeans and they have 1.3% non-natives. Otherwise it'd probably be the Baltic region, just becaus...
kick 1 player from each top 10 team
1. NAF 2. Dupreeh 3. Allu 4. RpK 5. AbleJ 6. Rain 7. JW 8. Gade 9. Tarik 10. Felps
Liquid is probably top 1 right now, but unstable. I don't think they'll stay there long. ENCE or Vitality will probably pass them soon, or another team. Astralis has gone from boring but amazing to bo...