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Fnatic rekt Thorin
There'll probably be some, but I don't know the NA scene well enough to judge. Most years I'd be able to tell based on shared events, but there's not been many this year, so I find it difficult to com...
S1mple started the year really well but dropped off a bit, Zywoo has the opposite trend, we still have to see the remaining months. They're definitely top 1 and 2, but in what order ... NiKo is pretty...
G2 roster change?
Amanek is a pretty good support, and he's pretty clutch sometimes. Maybe replacing someone would be right, but I'm really not sure if that would work. What support player could they replace him with?
Richard Lewis DESTROYED mibr
Over 80% of the world doesn't have English as their first language, yet most people don't need a translator.
Who is #1 rn?
Complexity hasn't lost a map either, so Complexity is best?
s1mple navi
Na'Vi is better than Liquid, don't take online matches too seriously. But yeah, if you take S1mple and Electronic and put them together on Spirit instead of the weak players on that team it'd be a top...
TOP 10 Military
It is, just not "top 10 strong", and not strong enough to get UNASUR any higher.
TOP 10 Military
Technology difference. Germany and Israel have much more advanced tech than Turkey. Turkish army is just a troop of monkeys with fire sticks.
TOP 10 Military
1. USA 2. Russia 3. China 4. India 5. Japan 6. South-Korea 7. France 8. UK 9. Germany 10. Israel But the EU works together, so for a comparison of military strength you should probably put the EU as ...
S1mple = S1mple
I have to admit there's some truth to that.
Top 5
Na'Vi G2 FaZe Vitality Astralis Fnatic That's the top 6, I'm not sure about the order.
Thorin doing what he does best; making fun of everyone who's not the absolute top in an edgy manner. If you get offended, he succeeds, if you are entertained, he succeeds, if you are informed, he succ...