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EG.CD to field stanislaw and RUSH in ESL Challenger League
Oh, good, snakeislaw is back. Wait, did I say snakeislaw? I meant to say snakeislaw, I mean snakeislaw, I mean-
Nine moments that made Cologne what it is today
Well this aged about as well as week-old milk left out in the sun
Astralis, MIBR, EG invited to Pinnacle Cup Championship
Excuse me...EG instead of Liquid or CoL? You're joking, right? ...alright, what sort of bribe did you take from them?
Feel good stories from Majors past
Uh excuse me? I mean yeah the Boston Major obviously about how about Krakow 2017? Gambit?
EG in talks to create two academy teams - Report
Their main roster is a disaster, why bother having academy teams when they can't manage a main? But seriously trade to Liquid for shox and save poor Tim from this trash fire, he dese...
EG's woes continue as GODSENT eliminate them from BLAST Showdown
Yeah, tbh it's hard to watch. Liquid are looking pretty strong, especially after that Heroic win, and CoL finally got their shit together for the RMR after that messy start to the year EG...look, they...
Good luck BNE, nice start so far, although it was close, but Entropiq's been looking pretty good lately too so that's not a victory that can be taken lightly
saffee on FURIA move: "We have this lineup to win trophies"
This aged about as well as already sour milk.
Gratz Liquid fans!!
I'm not sure if it was full 2019 form, but pretty close to it yeah, and thank you! It was a good match, but this is definitely a good sign for Liquid, especially with Stew coming alive again lately.
MAD Lions upset G2 to advance to bracket final at BLAST
Honestly I think it should stop being called the Liquid choke and instead the G2 choke at this point with how often they keep doing this. At least Liquid could close out the god damn game against a te...
FalleN: "I was a little bit out of the meta for a while"
Oh yeah, I definitely agree. This is honestly the best Liquid have looked since their dominant streak in 2019 ended.
FalleN: "I was a little bit out of the meta for a while"
Liquid effectively has two IGLs now, FalleN for calling strats and anti-stratting enemy teams, and Stewie for calling mid-round especially off his (sometimes sacrificial) info plays.
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