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And yet they beat Astralis, Vitality (supposedly top 1 right now), fnatic, NIP, and Spirit. Spirit, who beat almost every team in the group except Astralis, CoL (of course), and fnatic. They're also ...
It's a little too soon to call that, especially considering how good CoL have looked, and Astralis' 1 loss at EPL came at the hands of Complexity, and I'm sure I don't need to mention BLAST, either. I...
Vitality 2-1
This thread aged poorly.
Fnatic fix
Disband or just release Brollan and put him on a Swedish team that might actually go anywhere aka NIP, he deserves better than this.
Heroic pathetic
Won ESL Season 11 and rekt Furia at cs_summit 6 making them bomb out in 6th.
Heroic pathetic
So we're mad about a team that lost to C0ntact in a B-Tier event 3 months ago and keeps bombing out of events at 5th or lower....riiiiiiight.
Heroic pathetic
Flair and flag don't check out. You're not Brazilian, you're not supposed to bash Liquid (or EG either).
Heroic pathetic
Any team > OG
Navi Fix
-s1mple, because they've become far too dependent on him, so they can't do shit when he gets shut down. Even electronic, fantastic as he is, can't carry THAT hard. On top of that, s1mple's mood kinda ...
Not sure if baiting or delusional
Dev1ce is right
I'm no fan of Astralis, I'll be honest, but outside of the game they're all pretty chill guys, and dev1ce is just showing that right here. I don't know if leaf is cheating, though honestly a lot of th...
Figures that the Furia fan who actually acts respectfully after EG winning against them would be from someplace that isn't Brazil XD Anyway, good game on both sides, thanks for not being toxic :)
GG Complexity
I'm so happy for them ^^ Out of nowhere the juggernaut has arrived!