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Best tournament of 2019?
I dunno, Sydney still ranks highly for me, though that's partly because the Sydney crowd is just that good. It was also where Fnatic started the long road to resurgence before they got back together t...
Reason Denmark is goat.
I can't argue with this too much. I mean, look at our "President" though I hate to call him that. He's more like a whiny kid who always gets his way, except this time he finally got in trouble for it.
Yes, and? What, I'm not allowed to like both teams? I mean, if you're really that goddamn much of a snoop, go ahead, check my posts in the wayback machine from a couple months ago or whatever. Hell, ...
I never switched my flair, and it's good to see Liquid back in form ^^ Let's hope they can smash Astralis tomorrow, though it'll probably be a 2-1 series no matter who wins.
Liquid is Back
Yeah, again I won't say they're 100% back, but they're looking fairly strong even going into the 2nd half of Dust 2 against EG. But the real test will be playoffs if they make it there, which looks pr...
Liquid is Back
Liquid honestly looks really good right now, seriously. Everyone's hitting most of their shots, their holds are on point, and they look like they're having a lot of fun and are very confident right no...
laugh thread
Because it was moving to the top of the PECKING order
"EG Unlikable"
...yeah, sure, because 4 IEM events in a row over the span of 63 days to win the Grand Slam followed by 2 more event wins after that was "luck" for Team Liquid before the Major.
brollan racist?
I came expecting a lame joke or a well-cropped pic. I was not disappointed B)
These two teams are really looking good after the roster shift. I'm still sad that hunter and nexa left CR4ZY but they're a good fit for G2 feels like. Fnatic is mostly a team of old legends finding t...
Top 10 players from your country rn
In no particular order except for number 1: Elige Brehze Stewie2K (has looked really amazing in ECS and EPL lately) Ethan nitr0 tarik Relyks (carrying Singularity, just about the only reason they're s...
Top 10 players from your country rn
Cerq is a good answer but he's from Bulgaria :'D
Stew on Tenz's bench explanation
I mean Auti didn't leave. And TECHNICALLY Rush didn't leave, at first. He got benched. THEN he jumped ship over to CoL. But you know, semantics. And no matter how you look at it C9 really did lose an...
Liquid vs ex-Singularity
Also Stew has 1 major so I mean...
Tarik cheating?
> Implying Tarik is smart enough to cheat HAHAHAHA... ...oh wait, you're serious? Nah, it's just edited.