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Windows 11 POG
Looks like some mac users got tired of shit hardware and made W10 look like a mac UI.
Berlin Major 2019 Players
Includes benched, inactive etc
Berlin Major 2019 Players
Looking at this stat makes me wonder how many players who were in PGL krakow (4ish years ago) are going to be at this year's major.
Bought hltv premium
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Just had first russian mm
I actually rarely run into cheaters in na mm, it's just brainless cs though
Just had first russian mm
Yeah NA mm experience is pure dogshit, and I question why I do it. The times I've gone over to eu servers I've found it to be pretty nice although my ping is always at like 160 since my internet isn't...
Just had first russian mm
So it's not just me that finds a bunch of columbians/venezuala people. Good to know
Just had first russian mm
wingman is another mess that's 200x worse than regular competitive. I have not played with an english speaker on wingman in 15ish games.
Just had first russian mm
Lots of blyats, lots of typing in russian between the opposing team.
+1 G2 will get to finals, then go up 2-0, then lose 2-3
stanislaw is slowly losing his mind with every pause
+1 can confirm, was the chair
oBo keyboard
EG vs oBo keyboard is the real match of the day
The thing is I feel like Blast have gotten better at production. You can't compare events from a year and a half ago to decide which is better. I think blast have learned how to make really good produ...