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well that basically confirms G2 Niko all jokes aside
free civilazation
And still alive
i5 9400f vs Ryzen 5 3600
The answer is simple - CS:GO can use more than 4 cores. I'm not sure if it can use more than 6 though. I rarely see drops below 300 with 9400
i5 9400f vs Ryzen 5 3600
If CSGO doesn't need more than 3 cores then why 9700 is somehow much better then 9350?
i5 9400f vs Ryzen 5 3600
Yeah but 9400F has 6 physical cores unlike 9350KF. Hyperthreading doesn't boost FPS in CSGO, sometimes it drop it instead. So it's not fair to compare 9350 and 9400.
i5 9400f vs Ryzen 5 3600
Maybe you are right fam. I have found a great solutiuon on how to give minimum amount of fucks about fps ingame. It calls net_graph 0. It really works! But even when my ocd forces me to turn it on I c...
i5 9400f vs Ryzen 5 3600
1024*768 like pretty much everyone here I think
Visiting London. I need some advices
Must have been an exception. I travel pretty often and changes in border guards attitude can't be unnoticed.
Visiting London. I need some advices
haha so fucking funny. Nowdays you can't cross Russia-EU border without suspicious and almost angry border guards searching your shit. They were so much easier and relaxed like 5 years ago...
Am i black?
If you are not black? Really?
Am i black?
The easiest way to test it is to say n-word in USA and watch how everyone behave.
Soso Stalin
Genuinly interested. What makes you a stalinist? You are one of those who consider him an "effective manager" or you just bloodthirsty psychopath just like Stalin?
15$ to make a team
Coldzera shox Fallen Xyp9x flusha zews
Dropped phone on the floor
I've dropped my phone into an elevator shaft from fifth floor once. It slipped right through a phone-narrow gap. Funny thing is that the phone survived and only glass screen broke.
S1mple > Zywoo