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VK or Facebook
You can actually go to jail for reposting some pretty innocent shit.
VK or Facebook
VK is a great place for free pirated content for western world. But I strongly recommend against it in Russia.
Steam sales...
lmao. I wonder if someone will really buy this. Half of the price are multiplayer maps for a dead games.
r8 Swedish girl
I hate Instagram for all that "influencer" bullshit. It's just a plastic ho, but millions of horny followers somehow makes her relevant? Really?
Your first phone
What was gay about this phone? It was kinda waterproof (not really) and specs was decent for that time. If you talking about it being orange or blue instead of black - you have serious homophobic issu...
Your first phone
I had one and it was so cool
188cm height and 69kg it's okay?
When I was 15 I was 186/63. Now I'm still 186 and my weight fluctuate aroumd 78 kilos. But when I was 22 I hit 93 kg so don't think you can't get overweight if just because you are skinny now.
i will r8 ur car
Nice man, I can actually confirm this rating. Will be upgrading for a 10/10 car soon, which is i30N.
i will r8 ur car
2014 Octavia 1.8 TSI with a manual gearbox.
Major MVP tier list
Wow at first I thougt you copypasted my tierlist but then I realized Happy is not even D-tier :D
S1mple as an IGL
He should join FaZe and try to outbait Coldzera. This is the only way to prove that he is the real #1
countries you dont like
What is the deal with Serbia?
Russians/Ukrainians COME HERE
Well dont't try to get triggered at first, I know this whole conversation is very sensitive and there are lot of zombified compatriots of mine who will type something like what that navi fan posted ab...
Russians/Ukrainians COME HERE
Belorussian is like funny version of russian but you generally can understand it. Ukrainian is not so easy but quite similar aswell. The tricky part is that some words may sound familiar but have diff...
GuardiaN 2 navi
I wasn't baiting actually. They might use Edward while they are looking for options.