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Kid died because of $2 beer
NIP fix
that's not an academy team LOL
yea i had to play him in open lol they beat us close even tho we were all smurfing / they werent insanely good but actually were getting paid and shit to play open.
i r8 your username v 100.0
had to change afterwards thanks gamer mens
Dogs of War vs Just Swing
dogs of war farm them ez ayee
fps, ping, rank, hours?
FPS: 100-300 really inconsistent res: 1280 x 960 rank: global faceit :lvl 10 (2400) hours: 2.5k
Twistzz + NiKo + ZywOo + s1mple + Magisk
nitr0 used to be the entry for liquid and still has insane raw aim. he just doesnt need to practice it as much and is in a less aggro role (and awping) making him not show case it as much. lol but thi...
NRG disband
mixwell is going to be dog shit LMFAO he can barely keep up in tier 3 eu rush was playing support because he'sa good teamate and was previously best entry NA tarik was major mvp and has important ro...
Is Koosta a good player???
lmfao no one remembers how good koosta was it's crazy
Your ideal c9 roster?
because he's in a support role lmfao, he even admitted it himself. bro rush has been top 2 on every team he played for except C9 and he's usually been behind NAF who was #4 last year...
Your ideal c9 roster?
autimatic - obviously stays, best player by long shot kioshima - was really good during his stay and had some really good maps. Has decent knowledge of the game and is a solid 2nd-3rd in and can suppo...
FaZe win Starladder Major
top 8 at starladder Vitality -> ZyWOO actually has 1bad map and team doesn't know what to do, ApEX has a good game and is entrying everywhere but liquid's teamwork is too good. LIQUID -> Wins to Semis...
Zywoo shox kennys one day ma friend one day O_O
no it was glaive otherwise they woulda always been winning with fetish/karrigan