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CS is random
Triggering kids in... 3... 2... 1... Valorant > CS
"The immigrants are the problem" and then you see this kind of crazy shit and wonder what the actual fuck?
teenage dating!
What do you think is happening with the millennials in the world, lol? xD
teenage dating!
What do you expect? This happens when you live in an era where you can swipe for sex, shallow social life, food, Netflix binge and so on. Like fuck social development, right? xD
Best comment from player "virgin_of_hltv" of all the other virgins here so far. You da MVP!
Hahaha so fucking true! +100 I mean; Riot are at least open towards that their games anti-cheat has a ring 0 dependency, which I think is bad, but still will have to accept it since I like the game a...
R8 this "gg" ragequit
Nothing beats IdrA's retarded GG in SC2 :P xD
source 2 screenshot
Haha what the fuck. Looks cartoonish af. If this really is Source2 shit then the whole CS community will collapse under its own negative mass...
Wardell gets what he deserves
Not really? CS has been out for many, many years and now has stagnated lol. Its all about marketing for Riot and the moment to make their move is now. The Valorant beta had 3 million players world wi...
Wardell gets what he deserves
You know why I love HLTV.org? Because of all the stupidity people here post. This page makes me feel very good about myself. In all honesty. Thanks. Back to the post now: Just for some clarification ...
Stupid tweet
Yes, I agree that match making is for fun and not to sweat. Thats not what Im implying. Im simply implying that in _competitive_ format there should be a must have term on communication simply because...
Stupid tweet
What a stupid argument. People with severe disabilities have other problems then going for a serious match in competitive; or they can play other games, my dear friend zoomer. And those who manage, t...
Stupid tweet
How retarded are people these days? Fucking zoomers man... They are ruining everything. I bet COVID-19 was because of a zoomer eating a batsoup... Anyways. Its a "serious" team based game where commu...