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Microsoft Edge
imagine not using vivaldi in 2020
g2 disband
yeah what a pity they had decent results with crazy when ottoNd was awping and carrying most maps what a waste of talent whatever team hes playing on now
Hobbit with wh
these clips dont show the 20 secs prior where he probably revealed himself or threw some util i always spam this wall with awp too, even though i know wall is not spammable in go wishful thinking spa...
hes more consistent than xsepower if we're being real
CSGO Skins to Skrill
Fnatic fix
compare to allu, how dare people call allu bot
PANSY Victim of sexism
she killed esl cologne 50x better than our aussie casters (bar spunj) she adds that naive female spectator element but with just enough understanding to add content
china's best chance to be good at cs
yeh that account was fresh and dormant until about 39 days ago :thinking:
china's best chance to be good at cs 39 days since last vac ban chinas best chance feelsbadman
PC nerds come here
try a zotac zbox
coL onliners?
because poizon is best bulgarian lan player (besides cerq) and 2nd last hope for Bulgaria lan cs also k0nfig is thorins favourite lan aim player also blameF will bash you when if ever meets you for sa...
it means navis success relys on electronic having constant good days s1mple having good days means nothing because low impact frags
AMD or Intel my 2 year old chip versus these look at games like metro ex, far cry 5 and bfv where computing power matters haha all these idiots upgrading and wasting mo...