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Best $60 gaming mice
g603 underrated
m0nesy teaching G2
i have many serbian friends, i have learnt most of them already understand russian just from common words in the two languages.. they are both slavic
m0nesy insane i can't
the last time m0nesy played lan against a normal human he was getting farmed by yekindar still in pro100 what would suddenly be different
birdfromsky memes?
birdfromsky stealing the attention the top fragger FASHR is more fascinating he uses inverted mouse like a flight simulator jumps with "?", left is "," right is "." and his forward is mouse2 https://...
birdfromsky memes?
almost hit the nail on the head birdfromsky is code word for a new type of prototype drone that can see visualisations on gaming monitors through roofs and walls, which he carefully places above 5 hou...
what mouse to buy
g603 underrated as used by "yngsamurai" yung russki prodigy aka stargaz beater
Must watch movies
lists look pretty dated.. newer ones off the top of my head pig moonlight finch bird box the accountant point break captain phillips safe house selfless the town law abiding citizen
Logitech are so lazy.
g403 hero (87g) was released before all these new zowie mice, still nothing wrong with it g403 hero wireless has a 10g weight chip included or you can keep it out and also remove the cover to shed ano...
faceit fps
it has nothing to do with tickrate or faceit client if you run the workshop fps benchmark and try with faceit ac on and with faceit ac off you finally see the reason why tested with 3 different gpus ...
sergej and finnish scene
tier 2 if lucky got 16-0d by mouz nxt on nuke (this was gorillaz map pick)
problem is ive been following another yung rushin talent aka yngsamurai and hes already farmed stargaz in at least 5 faceit matches hes basically donating elo at this point... hes defs not chiiting
Netflix Reccomendations
animal kingdom
Best 4:3 res
1280x962 It's actually a 720p reso in the 4:3 directory