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If NiP vs Dignitas
Watch the game against fnatic (first strong team dignitas is facing) and than we talk. Lets see how friberg is better than rez
If NiP vs Dignitas
Its not that I fully understand what you want to say. If you mean that gtr and xist are good because they won a major in 2015, i can tell you that better players has risen to the scene and gtr and xis...
If NiP vs Dignitas
Hmm still NIP played against top teams on Katowice. Facing those teams when you have gtr and xist on your team you get crushed 16-0
If NiP vs Dignitas
On paper dignitas better? Dude im supporting Dignitas for the fact that im a crazy f0rest fan, but this team doesn’t stand a chance to beat nip. GTR and Xist are performing so poorly even against tier...
If NiP vs Dignitas
Currently dignitas has 2 bots: gtr and xist, which makes it impossible to beat top teams. It would be close but still NIP would win
To whom did he show the middle finger? I dont remember nbk having problems with apex
Vitality Fix
Imo keoz would do much better than hadji and scream.
-twist +hampus
Swedish scene is bad for the moment. Unless you go fishing on fnatic (which is impossible) than the rest are really bad. Thats why its difficult to remove lekro until a new plopski comes to the scene
-twist +hampus
They got nawwk on awp and he is doing pretty good. Rez is decent as well. They should go only -twist and add hampus who should also igl instead of lekro.
-twist +hampus
No way draken. Are you kidding me
-twist +hampus
Lekro has pretty low iq tbh. His game sense is probably the worst from the top 10 teams
Gave up on them already. No f0rest no joy
og igls
You cant win only with tactics. Make a team with glaive, nitro, aleksib, karrigan, stanislaw and the team would suck. Firepower is so important, and currently only valde is up to the level