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Halloween update
Halloween is overrated
Butterfly Knife
Huge F bro
Ill r8 your favorite player
No he won't. Even if he does make top 20 he will barely make it, and that's because he saves almost every round just to keep his stats up. He's a joke of a player.
USA not 1s World
I agree with you 100% and i'm actually from the US (sadly). It's full of inbreds who have no fucking clue what goes on outside of the US and spam trumpfor2020 everywhere. The only people from the US t...
Ill r8 your favorite player
Well it's not hard to be better than Jame
Current top-20
1. Device 2. EliGE 3. Magisk 4. ZywOo 5. S1mple 6. Dupreeh 7. Woxic 8. Twistzz 9. JW 10. Krimz 11. electronic 12. brehze 13. cerq 14. Naf 15. KennyS 16. xyp9x 17. brollan 18. ropz 19. amanek 20. glaiv...
Cache was a piece of shit before the change, and oh it's still a piece of shit.
Complexity CEO
Offered Aleksib $1 million and he refused as he didn't want to play in NA and join a tier 5 team. (not even joking) Source:
Underrated Positions
B site generators on Vertigo, enemies almost always lineup for a spray down when entering the site
Global Elite/Level 10 2.3k MW2, MW3, CS:GO, PayDay 2 Going to the gym and a shooting range Fast and Furious (The edit was adding PayDay 2 to the list.)
How to hold inferno b
Inferno B site is all about utility usage in the early, mid, and late rounds. Best thing to try and do is take banana control by throwing a deal molly and a close molly to counter a rush. Then you wan...
solo q easier?
if you are partied there is a higher chance to play against parties. (Most likely gonna be smurfs or hackers boosting a low rank player. If you are solo queuing the chances of being in a match with ...
of course mibr wont. They don't need more trash to add onto the trash team they already are.
Just saying tarik didn't carry stewie. it was more like tarik and skadoodle carrying stewie LUL
[18+] Good music thread