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Guessing NiKo calls in FaZe
But actually I'm Niko, how did you notice me
Guessing NiKo calls in FaZe
I don't understand, but it's probably something like FaZe fanboy defending niko against the worls. Did I get it right?
Guessing NiKo calls in FaZe
Context #27
Guessing NiKo calls in FaZe
This is taken out of context so much. Niko was telling chrisJ to shut up because chris was arguing with another teammate about the previous round and niko couldn't call for the next round.
faze Fix
You do understand that niko doesn't want to igl for a long time now, but it is dropped on him because faze can't find a good igl and no one in faze wants to igl.
Heroic vs ENCE
They already proved that he didn't use it in Cologne. He used it in dreamhack
Heroic vs ENCE
Don't know if this is a troll, but they didn't use the bug in Cologne
MIBR vs FaZe
They are still going to get invited because of the massive fan base and views. Esl is going to put mibr before godsent because of that.
FaZe vs Heroic
MIBR on EU, heres why.
Yes they won everything, they only lost to na cheaters, now they gotta go to eu to find another team to bitch about cheating.
The ,,We max cringe'' part is silent.
Worst Major
Astralis can still be there, gla1ve will come back in august, even if xyp9x doesn't come back, they will only lose 20% of their points and if they place top 3 they can still easily go trough. But I d...
FaZe vs Heretics
How is FaZe tier 2 and heretics tier 5?
summit casters
Probably drunk
summit casters
I understand, but it's still summit. They are not gonna change because it was RMR.