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Maybe you guys should stop playing from shitty internet café with random people screaming in the backround, speak some decent english and stop insulting everyone? Everytime I play with turks I only he...
sad mm cheater
nt scammer
sad mm cheater
link not workin
"ranks?" "ez" "16-0" after won pistol round "bots" "can u surr pls" "surr pls it´s boring" "nice stats" "nice aim" "brainless" "only x kills" etc. etc...
Why are you not vegan?
meat tastes pretty good
I don't get it
Yes, cleaning the streats should be paid equally to a dentist or a notary... Not like those people spent 7-10 years even getting their degree, right? Even tho its clearly bait, this is one of the mo...
i r8 ur country
Prague could be so nice, if it weren´t for retarded drunk germans... and disgusting weed/change stores on every corner
Mcnuggets fans come here
btw. BBQ > sweet and sour
Mcnuggets fans come here
Nah, but sometimes there is a special coupon with 2x11 ^^
Mcnuggets fans come here
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes; as the saying goes...
Yeah true that, but I don´t care about stupid people :D
Not so sure if I agree with you there, it´up to the people to make up their mind... I don´t use any social media besides WhatsApp and I despise people sitting in front of their phone 24/7. They´ll som...
Well it really depends on the medium. While the comparison with heroin isn´t fair, I get your point, tho. I really enjoy some YT channels etc. but on the other hand seeing 13yo girls posting half nu...
Useful for the influencers obv