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tbf somalians practice ak every day irl
ICONIC MOMENTS ON EACH MAP(A/B site only, no mid/connector) i think he is talking about this one maybe Also I would add this clutch against sk
biggest team rivalry of all time
They tried to retake a instead of b on nuke dont remember against who
biggest team rivalry of all time
Whoever starts on tside will win because neither of these teams know how to defuse
Simple one handed knife kill
What is there?
most undeserved #1 ever ?
The argument isnt that bad. Astralis at slump, navi going through changes and training a new igl, ence was pretty good at that moment, yeah, vitality only started to gain expierence at big events, dea...
EG Haters come here
Good luck anyway Nice people are kind of rare on this site
EG Haters come here
Respect lagge15 His hltv threads are better than anything youve ever written in your life
Most Tryhard csgo players
No the term you describe is for baiter. Tryhard is just a person who is taking the game very seriously trying to win (too seriously in opinion of those who use this as an insult) sometimes in games th...
Leipzig? Not exactly a tier1 but is lan and was in 2020 iirc
Natus Vincere vs NiP
The curse has been lifted by god electronic
Train Best Map ever
+1 i may be a gold nova but playing train is always nice for me. Using all these different smokes, flashes and making strategies is just really good on this map. Im not an expert but i think this is n...