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GOD Hunden
Zonic is GOOD but. Hunden is GOD
Heroic-Vit prediciton
I aren't think that
Heroic vs Vitality
As Cadian just said: "Well, I have an ESL One Cologne trophy, they don't" Cry is free.
Heroic vs Vitality
So +Alex and kio :DDD
covid deniers protest in Germany
>invading independent countries isn't an option. It has been an option for all of history, but it is true that today regions are far more densely populated and feel stronger ties to their country than...
quote from 1950
covid deniers protest in Germany
Cool, let's just permanently lock down everything, wouldn't want someone dying from other, more dangerous illnesses either, right?
covid deniers protest in Germany
Fucking albanians man, room temperature IQ. xD
covid deniers protest in Germany
Ok, new deal. We take Silesia and you annex Lithuania and western parts of Belarus, Ukraine, plus access to the black sea. )))
NiP pistol round strats
>Still wins the pistol round Cope.
240hz vs 120hz
No, it's for baiting ))) Obviously it looks the same when you pause the frames' motion.
240hz vs 120hz
Good bait thread, kek.
covid deniers protest in Germany
+1 At first I took it seriously, now it's obvious that it is an absolute meme. Our government tightens and loosens the regulations every couple of days/weeks randomly. "Oh we'll cancel the mandatory m...
covid deniers protest in Germany
Based anti-shamocracy poster. Lithuania smart. Please bring Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth back, would be epic.
Do you play as an entry in your matches?
True lmfao. But even better is when you are on site as T, checking angles, teammate says "clear", you start planting and get shot from somewhere, because 3 teammates are watching the same entrance. : ...