Your very qualified university argumentation is overwhelming mate. Nothing to do!

You were the one bringing up your future employee and their thougts on what you know/don't know about it (LOL), so again, you're super below my level academically :)

Have a nice day too, guy who has no idea how old I am, but from this discussion seems to be, himself, younger than me. Or atleast more unintelligent :)

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HLTV user Jovik pedophile:

Pics of users (shoe on head to verify):
Jonty: (alleged)
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Ask a Dane about Denmark
yes yes yes
Ask a Dane about Denmark
very close to everyonee, I'd wager you can have a conversation with literally eveyrone below 50
ok accepted
Ask a Dane about Denmark
Ask a Dane about Denmark
Go to post #245, here:
Ask a Dane about Denmark
we are taking next to no fugitives this year, took extremely few last year, and will take even fewer going forward mass immigration stopped three years ago m8 and yes, that was clearly fake news lol
Ask a Dane about Denmark
alright u rket me by saying i got a small dick m8 n1 +2
Sure Sex is nice...
i dont disagree with that, but it is SO fucking much worse lol
Ask a Dane about Denmark
cause they need to -cajunb +jugi
Sure Sex is nice...
honestly id tend to agree with u at least about sex with condom, that shit is overrated as fuck sex is trash if u aint going bareback, for a comparison
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sorry m8 i was a bit harsh, i didnt mean it
Ask a Dane about Denmark
well given i work with them i see a shit load every single day in your normal day-to-day you see them (they are just people lol) a lot in bigger cities, doing all the stereotypical shit like owning p...
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yeah but norway is a shjiet
Ask a Dane about Denmark
Here, I'll give you the sentence for free, actually, so you got it ready for ur visit: "Hvad drikker du? Lad mig købe dig en ny, som du kan slikke af min pik" gg m8 and its EASY win
Ask a Dane about Denmark
ye 78kg and 145cm :S