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Next player benched predictions
Mouz -bymas Liquid -stew
OG flameZ welcome vid
He would add necessary firepower to OG, maybe its time for them to shine after all.
Stop -ropz obsession
Stop -ropz obsession
Mouz was created with a long term goal not a short term one for richer orgs. Actually mouz has frozen who is way more consistent nowadays bcoz he is fpl top #30 for weeks now so he is grinding. Acor s...
OG wont sign FlameZ
Fucking NBK was 800K when mouz wanted him from G2 back in 2018. For sure ropz has a 1 million+ buyout.
Stop -ropz obsession
Ropz he great but he is no simple or niko from his maturity perspective. He can pull rounds and can still hard carry the team to 10+ rounds on a map but he still needs someone else to atleast put up s...
Stop -ropz obsession
Why do people keep forgetting chrisj when he is just literally rotting in the bench? I dunno why most people dont bring him up on -dexter threads. I mean dexter anyways bottomfrags for the team, chris...
mousesports vs fnatic
I gave a fuck, thats why i commented in the first place. But then lets look at reality both are superbad bad formwise. Atleast fnatic have some predictable form right now even if its bad form we can h...
mousesports vs fnatic
Thats what is called a figure of speech. I dont bet money on esports. But yeah, all things considered fnatic was on a better situation to take this series before it started. There is a difference betw...
mousesports vs fnatic
So all orgs wants fans who sucks off their team when they do badly? Do you think i would have been this cringy if they would have lost of Astralis or Liquid or any other team for that matter? They los...
mousesports vs fnatic
Hell no, i am their fan since a long time. But am no blind person. When my fav team is doing bad, i can call it out. Even if mouz goes #200 tomorrow will be bashing but still be mouz fan.
mousesports vs fnatic
Depends on who is the lesser shit today or whether ropz/frozen can hard carry dorkster and his papa or not.
mouz fix
Just -Dexter -Bymas -mithR, +Chrisj +Flamez/+NBK/+Any NA entry for christ's sake & +lmbt, this squad is set for action.
mouz fix
Haha, never would have imagined that i would say yes to this. But yes.
I fix tier2+ teams
Haven't seen anything after lunatic-hai on 1.6, i like their style, brings a different flavor of cs.