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Astralis plz
GG or lose you have my respect.
I know. I didn't say that because I thought he did. A lot of mouz fans expected this to be easy including myself. Mouz is not bad at D2, but looks like far tougher fight than I thought.
not really ez, they need to pick up their game. Really concerned about D2 now
And they have rain, for this team to bounce back a full roster revamp is necessary
Wich FaZe would be better???
You can't back that up because neither can anyone in faze play well against top tier teams consistently. Watch how Cerq and Acor plays before you actually pull in statistics of the game. Device has wa...
Liquid vs mousesports
I would say ML had a real chance if this would have been the older roster with god hunden.
Liquid vs mousesports
True, and mad lions is not even a real EU competition, given that the fight was too close for comfort not a good sign. But mouz is not a really stable team either. So can go either ways.
They did get off to a great start on both maps, 5-0, 8-1. Mouz have built their reputation by doing comebacks from some insane scenarios, so mouz had more experience in keeping composure on these pres...
Liquid vs mousesports
This is the best chance mouz has to beat liquid, if they bring their blast form tomorrow. If there is a DH script at work, well...GL!
GG Mouz
There's a true sporting fan! GL for C9. They did more than enough on their 2nd tournament showing.
1000000$ mouz 2:0
C9 clawed back up on map 2 yesterday. Hope that doesn't happen today again :-S
C9 vs Mouz analysis
Thats a shit statement, that logic worked 2 years back when you can rely just on your star players to carry you up. If this is silver thinking then Astralis, Complexity, Vitality are silver thinkers p...
C9 vs Mouz analysis
C9 didn't play enough matches to have karrigan figure them out. Also both karrigan and Alex are shit fraggers but ALex has a better ceiling than karrigan. es3tag looks like a solid player in the team ...
Wich FaZe would be better???
Thing is mouz isn't a player owned org like Astralis, if that would have been the case, his 7 years at mouz would have made him the Director of Ops or something ;) I really love the guy, he looks like...
Wich FaZe would be better???
Thats what i have been saying, EG withdrawing from events can mean that they would can be the next NA org to pull out of CSGO, then Cerq can be a good replacement.