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Chris Chan...
Nothing to say really, just sick
Unpopular Opinion
Nt Eliot Rodger
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We are dependant on mental strengh, and you will see that mental and physical strength often go hand in hand.
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Sure, keep telling that to yourself. Never seen a bully who had a low social status in the group.
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Strength still counts. Being weak physically is bad, being weak mentally is horrible
Oh no! How can i work as a DJ and earn 32k a moth now?
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valorant is fun to play: Agree average leftist IQ is more than average rightist IQ: Probably, but i feel like the political view isn´t based on your IQ scandinavian countries are not good: agree M...
your political view
IDK i was quiet a libertarian a few years back but i got a bit less liberal over the time. I have quiet the mix of political fews. In some points i am quiet the leftist in others i am worse then many ...
people u like on hltv
(perk)ele MakeEthiopiacopticagain VelsVivard MIBR_IS_OVERRATED Everyone who doesn´t choose them is unbased
Why Alex
0/8 take, even in c9 he got such a scrappy team to getting really close to winning against top teams like navi
Decision you regret the most
There will be more shots for you bro
Decision you regret the most
In the end i am were i am, and i am quiet happy about myself generally speaking :)
Decision you regret the most
I was such a push over a few years back, changing that could have prevented me from getting bullied back then. But then again some people have to learn it the hard way.