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FaZe why not sign igl ??
Everybody wants that, but they are probably gonna pick someone we dont even imagine.
G2 plastic fans?
Wooow, it's is gonna ruin my fanbase image....... I think your comment is pretty much the definition of a "beta"
G2 plastic fans?
I would say you are the opposite of plasitc. You cheer for a player, deosnt matter where he is playing. Most people cheer for players, even MIBR, most people are following fallen. It's not like footb...
FaZe | AZR vs FalleN
You can double AWP... it works with furia. henn1 and art. and I really dont think fallen would demand to be the main awper, he even let kng be the main awper in MIBR for a long time.
5 days to MIBR show
I dont think they could get any worse.
NA in Major
Why do teams need lans to practice? They can practice online. Teams always practice online. Teams dont move to practice.... only when they do bootcamps, and they only do it to go to another continent.
NA in Major
But, let's forget about corona, how are they gonna practice against tier 1/2 teams if they are in asia/oceania? Even before corona they had to bootcamp in europe to practice against better teams.........
NA in Major
But i can say the same applies to SA. BOOM is great, but other teams aren't.
NA in Major
Are they though? I dont think tyloo or renegades are better than chaos or gen.g last time i see renegades perform they had the 100t roster.
NA in Major
I dont follow asia and oceania. Are there good teams there? besides renegades and tyloo I dont even think tyloo is good